Black River Whitewater

River Levels

Recorded level gauges: Call an outfitter to find the current level.
On-line level gauges: Black River at Watertown, NY (put-in).


The whitewater section of the Black is located in central upstate NY, about 7 hours from NYC and 5 hours from Philadelphia.
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Water Levels

The river is runnable all summer and is usually too high in the early spring. 1500 to 4000 cfs is usually the runnable range.

River Description

The put-in is in downtown Watertown, and the take-out is just before Lake Ontario. After you get out of town the scenery is acceptable, but the water quality is questionable (the rapid called poop chute gives you a clue). The river is a class IV in sections. There is a waterfall half way down which is de-watered by a new power station. There is an arrangement with the operators of the station to bring up the water providing a short window when the falls are runnable.

Good description by Chris Koll at GORP

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