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The Brodhead is located near the Delaware River Water Gap, flowing through Stroudsburg, PA. There is a more challenging upper section from Canadensis to Analomink, and a milder run (with more water generally available) down to the junction with the Delaware below Stroudsburg.
Click for a overview map. Great You Tube video of the creek.

Water Levels

Brodhead at Analomink - the upper section. Located 1.4 miles above junction with Paradise Creek, should read at least 2.6' to start at Canadensis.  There is a staff gauge on the center pier of the Alpine Mountain Ski area bridge that should read at least 1.6'.
Brodhead at Minisink Hills - the lower section just before it drops into the Delaware.

River Description

Never run the Brodhead (if anyone is planning a trip and is willing to guide an old duffer down, drop me a line), but here is some chit chat:

Question: Does anyone out there have any experience running this creek? What is it comparable to, and are there any significant hazards that you know of (especially if you've run it recently). Also, what guage level is necessary to make the run? There are two USGS guages, one at Analomink and one at Minisink Hills. I think Analomink is around 250 or so today, and MH is about 980. Is this enough to run? Too much?

Answer: Bill, I've run it a number of times. We divide the trip in two. Upper: Canadensis to fork of Rt. 447/191. This part of trip we gauge by feet on the bridge @ Alpine Mountain. 1.5' min... 2.0 optimal for first run... 3.0 and up kick-ass water. (sorry, I don't know the cfs, I'll have to correlate them soon) Upper is incredible, couple of 6' ledges, a 40-50' 45 degree slide and numerous SOLID class 3 or lower class 4 drops. A few mega-holes to miss (or play... depends on you) and a few strainers that are easy to see and walk. Get Gertler's Pa Paddler!

Lower is LOOOOOONG if you start @ fork. And has flood channel through Stroudsburg. Lower does not have nearly the action of upper but is still class in spots (w/ one 4+ that can be walked) We put in @ Stokes Street for GREAT playing and side-surf action or behind the new Wall-Mart in E. Stroud to avoid the flood channel. Lower from Wall down is fun (Class 2+/3-) with good playing. Run broken damn through breach on left.
Thanks to Pete L. and others.

Answer: I paddle it and you missed a good level. Like most creeks the best spots are hidden from view.Yes it does have its flat water but its worth the effort.
Where 191 and 447 split you go up 447 for about 1 1/2 miles or so and look for a parking spot on the left, you will see one of those carts suspended on a cable hanging there and the gauge is to the left of it. This is the take-out for the full run. Their are two put-ins and two take-outs. If you continue up 447 you come to Alpine ski area signs. This is the take-out for the for the best section if your pressed for time. Don't take out before the bridge, there's a great wave hole 50 yd. below the bridge.
Put-in #1 continue up 447 until you see a white house with green shutters on it and park on the right side. There's not much parking.
Put-in #2 continue up 447 to 390 in Canadensis. Look to the left for a small bridge going over the creek and park in the parking lot. Put-in there where the stream is only about 20 ft. wide.
There are a few good drops in the upper sec. and VERY senic along with at least 4 portages because of downed trees. A beautiful sec. You need at least 3 ft. to do the top sec. although I have done it down to 2 ft. 8 in. on the Analomink gauge. 2 ft. 6 in. for the rest of it. WARNING - Scout all horizon lines. This thing really cranks at about 4 ft.and requires class 4+ skills.
Hopes this helps and be safe.
Thanks to Bob Mac

This information is my opinion only
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It is based on my usually hazy memory,
and should not be used to decide whether
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