The river starts in New York State and forms the border of New Jersey and Pennsylvania down to the Delaware Bay. The river is tidal up to Trenton, NJ.
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River Levels

Recorded level gauges: (609) 261-6612

See following table for online gauges.

River Description

The only major undammed river east of the Mississippi. Runnable from the forks of the Delaware at Hancock, NY to Trenton in NJ.

A good class I-II spring 2 day run is from Hancock to Barryville to Matamorus/Port Jervis. 'Exciting' parts are Skinner's Falls, Barryville rapids, the wave at the Mongaup river junction, and the standing waves at Hawk's nest, just below the Mongaup.

Further down is good summer floating, especially in the senic water gap area. 'Serious' whitewater play spots at the Lambertville wing dam near New Hope, PA, and Scudder's falls above the I-95 bridge near Trenton.  Some good web sites about the Delaware in general is the Delaware River Recreation Site, Delaware Water Gap, the National Park Service, and the Delaware River Basin Commission.

Although quite easy to paddle, probably more people have died on the Delaware than all the other rivers listed on this web site combined, due the the caliber of paddlers, wide cold river in the spring, and prevalence of alcoholic beverages. The slaughter has been moderated in recent years due to a volunteer on-river safety patrol pulling flipped canoers to shore.

Delaware River Public Access
Access Point  Mile Marker  Highlights 
Buckingham, PA  5.5 
Equinunk, PA 
Callicoon, NY  27  USGS Level 
Callicoon, PA  27.5 
Cochecton, NY  32 
Damascus, PA  32 
Skinners Falls, NY  35  Whitewater Circus 
Narrowsburg, NY  40.5  Upper Delaware National Park
Lackawaxen, PA  53  Zane Grey Museum
Barryville, NY  57  USGS Level 
Mongaup River, NY  70  Surfing Wave, Hawk's Nest. The Mongaup river is a short class II-III run with whitewater release dates. Take out is the Delaware, put in is as follows: Rt. 97 N. Make right after the Mongaup bridge on to Rt. 31. Up hill for about 2 miles and make right on Knight Rd. and right on to Rio Rd. After short distance look for Rio Whitewater Facility sign on right. Follow dirt Rd. 1/2 mile to Orange and Rockland's Power station. (You can also take out on Rt. 31 just upstream of the Mongaup bridge). 
Matamoras, PA  74.5  USGS Level
Milford Beach, PA  84  USGS Level 
Dingman's Ferry, PA  92 
Eshback, PA  99 
Bushkill, PA  102 
Depew, NJ  109 
Pahaquarry, NJ  110.5 
Smithfield Beach, PA  113 
Worthington St. Forest, NJ  116  USGS Level 
Kittatinny, NJ  119 
Met. Ed. Power Plant, PA  123.5 
Belvidere, NJ 130  USGS Level 
Martins Creek, PA  136.5  Foul Rift 
Sandts Eddy, PA  142 
Frost Hollow Park, PA  144 
Eddyside Park, PA  145.5 
Easton Beach, PA  146 
Phillipsburg, NJ  146.5 
Front Street, PA  147 
Moore Park, PA  147.5 
Frya Run Park, PA  154 
Rigelsville, NJ  156  USGS Level 
Holland Church, NJ  157 
Upper Black Eddy, PA  163 
Tinicum Park, PA  168 
Kingman, NJ  168 
Bryam, NJ  174.5  Tohickon Creek enters. 
Bulls Island, NJ  175.5  Camping 
Lambertville, NJ  182  Wing Dam, 8.4' at Trenton or 4' at Rigelsville is an upper limit for playing below the Lambertville wing dam. 
Belle Mountain, NJ  184 
Scudders Falls, NJ 191  Surfing Wave
Yardley, PA  192 
Old Wharf Fishing, NJ  197.5 
Trenton, NJ  199  Army Corps Level, USGS Level 
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