Lower Lehigh River - Eye of the Needle



Class III

A large rock at center right divides the current, with a smaller rock to its right.

Approach the rock from the right side (avoiding a ledge sticking out from the right shore) and thread in between the two rocks. Eddy out behind either of the rocks.

The rapid can be snuck to the left of the rock for the wimps among us. Below the two rocks, in the center of the river, is Amy's Hole, which can get very sticky at levels above 1000 cfs (actually Amy's is the second rock/hole below the eye). Named after Amy Yuan(?), former adventurous (or gullible) Challengers guide (really, it a great surf in there - go for it).


Eye of the Needle, with the right side rock under water.

Amy's Hole, for the adventurous among us.

Satellite Photo

Eye of the needle.

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