Upper Lehigh River - Ledges



River wide but tiny ledges mark the entrance to this Class II rapid. You could front surf a kayak from one shore to the other before 1/3 of the wave was destroyed by people building eddys on river left because they couldn't catch the wave on the fly. Some points on the ledges are just deep enough to side-surf. Just below the river wide ledges is a hole in center right that is a good side-surf above 1000 cfs.

After a slight left bend in the river is a large set of rocks on the right with a eddy behind it. The best newby surfing wave on the upper is right next to the eddy. Can be easily front or back surfed, or surfed with a raft. Remember though, no one likes a hole-hog. Have some consideraton for those waiting in the eddy (especially C-1ers). A sandy beach is opposite the eddy on the left shore. Find a spot back in the woods to pee, not in the river.


Ledges 1
Surfing wave below ledges.

Satellite Photos

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