Lower Lehigh River - Little Swimmers 



Class III

 The second most challenging rapid (after Tower) Little Swimmers (or Bridal Veil) starts to the right of the island below the pool (watch out for submerged metal at the bottom left of the eddy).

 Avoid (or surf) a hydraulic coming out from the right shore, and stay in the center through some big waves coming at you from all directions. Below these waves is a short stretch of calmer water with a pinning rock dead center. Cut behind this rock and go through a chute in a gap between two large rock ledges (Little Swimmers).

 The rapid gets much less pushy below this. Pick your way through the rocks, but don't get caught going down a shallow channel to the right of a low island.

 In flood conditions the two rock ledges become a set of raft flipping monster holes called Chiller and Thriller.


Looking upstream at the wave train in the first half of the rapid.

Looking downstream at the ledge drop.

Satellite Photo



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