Upper Lehigh River - Lunch Rock



It gets shallow approaching Lunch Rock. Stay to the center right, and then work your way to the center as you get closer to the rock. There is a small surfing wave in the center before your reach lunch rock.

There is a strong eddy line as you go past lunch rock, with a large eddy on your right. Great place for squirts, and to practice your ferrying. Watch out for rafters swimming from the front end of Lunch Rock.

Below this is a large pool with Tom Turk rock on the left. A rock dive cliff is opposite this on river right. Go off the cliff right where the little bush is.

Lunch rock can be reached from Hickory Run State Park by following the Hickory Run trail to the Lehigh at Eddy Turn Rock, and then going upstream.


Looking upstream.

Satellite Photos

Rock launch on river right.

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