Lower Lehigh River - Mile Long 

Map - Shows first half of rapid


Class III

 Not quite a mile long, but still the longest rapid on the river (other than perhaps Sea of Rocks, which at low water seems twice as long). Avoiding a piece of metal just above the island, run to the right for a narrow twisty passage, or to the left for a senic view of an old boxcar left over from a train derailment.

 Below the island is a long rock garden type rapid. At 1000 cfs or above check out two side surfing hydraulics on the middle left side. Below this work your way gradually to the right until you reach a surfing/pop-up wave/hole near a pyramid rock on the right shore.

 Continue on down and eddy out on the left before Little Swimmers. Watch out for a metal beam sticking out from the right shore at the top of the eddy, and for submerged metal on the bottom/left of the eddy.


Looking upstream at the island at the start of the rapid.

Dan Seman testing the plastic's flexibility.

Looking downstream at a raft trip just finishing up the rapid.

Satellite Photo - Note that river flow is from right to left in the picture.



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