Upper Lehigh River - No Way



Stay to the right of the island entering this rapid. The river bends to the left, with a large flipper rock in center right. Avoid it to the left. Follow the current over to the center right, and then as it goes sharply to the left (some shallow slots for kayaks exist on the right side).

Follow the chute down the left side to where it is blocked by a series of rocks across the river. Below 750 cfs, only one slot is wide enough to let a raft through - the center right one. Miss it and you could wrap your raft. Below this is a maze of rocks to negotiate, but without much current pushing you around.

Some large rocks on the right side of this chute above the slot makes a great lunch spot with plenty of amusement.


Looking upstream from Vulture Rocks.

Looking downstream from Vulture Rocks at the Slot.

Satellite Photos

Vulture Rocks and the raft slot.

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