Lower Lehigh River - Oxbow 



Class III

 At the deepest part of the Lehigh Gorge, the river makes a large oxbow bend. Bear Creek comes in from the left into a large calm area at the top of the rapid. Enter from the right side (just to the left of some rocks). The current will carry you to the center as the river bends to the right.

 As you come around the bend there is a large rock ledge sticking out from the left shore with 45 minute (thats how long it takes to get your raft off of it) rock ready to grab you if you get too far left. Just below in the main current is a wave/hole that at the right level can give kayakers a bouncy surf for a couple of seconds.

A long stretch of Class II follows with a few holes in the center. Along the left is a sheer rock wall with some nice waves along it. The last wave in this stretch has an eddy next to it along the wall, and will give you pop-ups if the level is not too low.

 As you come around the left bend below this section there will be a beach on the left, and a pipeline running overhead. One of the first oil pipelines from the central PA oil fields, now used for natural gas, it gives the rapid its other name - Pipeline.


Looking upstream from 45 minute Rock at the top of the rapid.

Looking downstream from 45 minute rock.

Satellite Photo



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