Upper Lehigh River - Rockport



Access to take out for the upper and put in for the lower is by a narrow dead-end road. The bottom part of this road is administered by the park service, with parking areas above the river access.

Please drive slowly past the occupied part of Rockport. The locals are not happy about having a zillion buses full of rafters invading them every weekend.

On release weekends, be prepared for a line of cars waiting to pick up boats from the crowded river access point. River studs carry their boats up to the parking areas to ease congestion. When you come off the river, stage your boats (especially open canoes) out of the parking areas at the river access, and load them quickly on to your vehicle.

And be nice to the rangers. 


A photo of takeout? Nothing here but open boats waiting for their shuttle, lying scattered around like beached whales.

Satellite Photo

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