Upper Lehigh River - Scotts Hole


Just look for the last bit of whitewater on the right shore.


Class II

Below Wilhoyts is a long stretch of fast water leading up to take-out eddy, where raft trips stage for controlling access to the small take-out area. The last piece of whitewater is a hole along the right bank. Innocuous at 500 cfs, at 1000 or higher it becomes very sticky, and is a great place for guides to direct rafts that have been a pain in the butt all day.

Named for an early guide, Scott Newlin, who had a memorable ride there at high water. There was another Whitewater Challengers guide named Scott - Scott Strasbaugh (who won the Olympic gold medal in C-2 slalom with Joe Jacobi at Barcelona), but it wasn't named for him (I had to drop Scott's name somewhere in here).

The fast water alongside takeout eddy becomes an impressive wave train at high (>10,000 cfs) water. A great place for rocket moves. Just before takeout, at a large rock on the right shore used for high water takeout, is a great surfing wave. At higher levels you can get good squirts on the eddyline behind the rock.


I can't find anyone stupid enough to surf it at high water.

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