Lower Lehigh River - Sea of Rocks 



Class II

 Rocks, rocks, rocks. A long rapid with a lot of maneuvering if you don't want to get hung up. Start in the middle down thru some waves and small holes past a small ledge. Start working you way over to the right. When a small island is not to far away, either work your way over to the far right down to Iron Ring Eddy, or head over the the left side of the island for a run thru a narrow channel. Then kiss the pyramid shape rock as you go past it towards the eddy.

 Above the island on the middle right side is a table sized rock with two smaller rocks in front of it. In a kayak you can run right at the rock, bounce off the pillows of all three rocks, and scrape past the right side of the rock. Named Chabot's Slot after a former WWC guide and hair boater, now lost to the wilds of the Great White North (eh?).


Looking downstream from about 1/2 way down the rapid at the island in the distance. Chabot's slot is in front of and along the right side of the rock in the middle right of the picture. Try it your next time down.

Looking upstream at Pyramid Rock (kiss it as you go bye for good luck in Tower) and the bottom of the island.

Satellite Photo



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