Lower Lehigh River - Tower 



Class III

Tower (named for a small railroad tower on the right bank - also called Snaggletooth) is the best the Lehigh has to offer. A long technical rapid with a lot of rocks and waves, it just gets better with more water. Not a place to be out of your boat, though.

From Iron Ring Eddy head immediately to the center of the river (or better yet, skip the eddy) to avoid a set of pinning rocks on the right side. Cut back right, behind the rocks and pick your way down to a river wide rocky ledge/drop. Run it through slots on far right or in the center.

Once past the ledge, enjoy the bouncy waves until it mellows out a little. Then you will see Battleship Rock slightly to the right of the current. At under 1000 cfs, it is the worst (or best) pinning spot on the river (my personal record is 3 rafts wrapped one on top of each other). Go left of the rock, and down through some small holes and rocks. After this stretch you can relax, all thats left are some easy drops.


Looking upstream at Iron Ring Eddy (left picture) and downstream (right picture) from about 1/4 of the way down.

Looking downstream at the ledge in the middle of the rapid (left picture) and upstream at the ledge at 300 cfs (right picture).

Looking at Battleship Rock (Snaggletooth) left picture, and looking upstream from the same spot (right picture).

Satellite Photo



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