Upper Lehigh River - Triple Drop



Class III

A large island divides the river with some Class II riffles to the right of the island. Some small rocks and bushes mark the passage entering the left of the island. Chose any slot that has enough water to float you. Enter the channel below in the center, and work your way right to avoid a ledge on river left. About half way down the island you will see a horizon line marking a drop of about 1 foot. Punch the reversal on the far right.

If you get stuck you could be in for a long time, until you paddle over to the left shore and drag your raft out. At higher water levels (3,000 cfs or greater) the hole becomes a very sticky surf. Several people have dislocated their shoulders here.

There is a tiny surfing hole below this drop. After it, work your way over to the right to rejoin the current as it comes from the right side of the island. A fair stretch of flatwater brings you past Hayes creek witn 3 pillars remaining from an old bridge.


Looking downstream at the top of the chute on the left side of the island.

Looking back upstream at triple drop ledge.

Satellite Photo


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