Lower Lehigh River - Up Against It

Glen Onoko Takeout




Class II

 Just across from the takeout at Glen Onoko, the river makes a sweeping right hand turn. The current piles up against a steep rock cliff, and the rafts pile up against a knob sticking out of the cliff. If two rafts get stuck at the same time, the second usually flips - providing a lot of amusement for spectators.

 If you are continuing downstream, watch out for the bridge piers at high water. Otherwise, you can get some squirts off the eddy line there.

 Glen Onoko has become a popular place, with a lot of bicyclists along the old railroad bed and hikers going up to the falls. This section of the river down to Jim Thorpe can be run down to 250 cfs, if you don't mind a short day on the river.

Glen Onoko can be reached by car from the east side of Jim Thorpe - take Main Street north until you see tha park entrance sign.  Parking, restroom, and change facilities are available thanks to the park service.


Looking upstream at Up Against It from the commercial takeout area

Looking downstream from the takeout area.

Satellite Photo



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