Lower Lehigh River - White Falls 



Class III

 After some riffles and a large eddy along the right shore you enter White Falls (or Little Falls, or White Chairs because of some chairs along the river bank when rafting was first starting). Pass just to the left of a pinning rock in right center. Cut behind the rock down to a washed over ledge running diagonally across the river. There is a large rock in the center of the ledge. After the 2000 floods, most of the flow goes to the left of the rock. You can run a slot through large waves just to the right of the rock in a hard boat or ducky.

 The right side above the ledge is rocky and shallow. Just above the island at the start of the next rapid (Mile Long) is a rock (exposed at 400 cfs) with some raft ripping metal sticking out of it.


Looking downstream at the start of the rapid.

Looking downstream at the ledge at the bottom of the rapid.

Satellite Photo



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