Upper Lehigh River - Z



Class II+

An island divides the river, with Class II riffles to the right. Take the chute to the left side of the island. Come as close as possible to the left bank (ducking underneath the tree) at the chute entrance to avoid rocks lower down in the right side of the chute.

At the bottom of the chute against the shore is a pinball rock (smearable). Work to the right as you go down the chute to avoid it, or eddy left just before the rock. Watch out for fishermen in the eddy. Paddle to the top of the eddy and ferry across the chute to exit the eddy and avoid the rock.

Stay to the center as you go down the left side of the island. The large square rock on river left becomes Perculator (a raft flipping hole) over about 10,000 cfs. Work your way to the right as you go past the end of the island.


Looking downstream at the chute at the start of Z. Splat rock is dead ahead.

Squirts on the left side eddy line.

Looking upstream at the channel to the left of the island. Perculator rock is shown on the right side of the picture.

Satellite Photo

Martian invasion landing towers

Between Z and Lunch Rock.

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