Moose River Whitewater

River Levels

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  • NWS
  • Moose River at Mckeever, NY (above put-in to lower)
  • Location

    The whitewater section of the Moose is located in central upstate NY about 6 hours from NYC.
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  • Lower Moose
  • Bottom Moose
  • Water Levels

    The lower section of the river is runable a short time in the early spring depending on snow melt and rainfall.
    There are usually fall releases giving enough water to paddle the lower section.
    The bottom section is usually boatable all summer. Minimum for Bottom is considered 2.5' at McKeever gauge.  Good is anything from  2.75'-4.5'.  Real good is 4.5'-5.5'.  Locals don't generally run Bottom over 6' (thanks & a tip of the hat to the General).

    River Description

    A nice virtual tour with photos and descriptions of the rapids is at, and a comic book style guide to the rapids is at

    There are two whitewater sections: the lower Moose and the bottom Moose. The lower Moose runs from Iron Bridge to Fowlerville Road Bridge and is a drop-pool class III-IV under normal release conditions, and a dangerous, cold class V under spring runoff conditions. Several long flatwater stretches under low water conditions. Major rapids include Tannery, Rooster Tail, Froth Hole, Mixmaster (don't miss surfing the 2nd hole), and Larry's Drop.

    The bottom Moose from Fowlerville Bridge to Lyons Falls is a short IV-V with several challenging drops starting with a 40' slide down the face of a dam and ending with a 15' waterfall. It is runnable most of the summer, but is too high under spring conditions. Highlights here include the 40' slide down the face of the dam, Knife Edge, Crucible, a double falls, 12' Falls (actually 18'), Surform, Powerline, and Crystal. Several portages around dams are required.

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