Pine Creek, PA Whitewater

River Levels

Recorded level gauges:
(800) 362-0335 or call Pine Creek Outfitters at (570) 724-3003

On-line level gauges:
Cedar Run should be above 1.8' for canoes, 2.3 for rafts.  It gets hairy for canoes above 4' and floods at 6.5'.


The whitewater section of Pine Creek is located in central upstate PA about 5 1/2 hours from NYC and Philadelphia.
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Water Levels

The river is runnable through the spring into early summer. Also in late fall.

River Description

The popular 'whitewater' section runs from Ansonia to Blackwell. Its rather charitable to call it whitewater since there is only 1 class II rapid at the start of the trip - Owassee. But the scenery and fishing make up for it, since this run goes through the 'Grand Canyon' of Pennsylvania. The antics of the 'paddlers' also provide a fair amount of amusement.

The entire trip down to Blackwell of 17 miles makes for a long day. It can be broken up by camping at a primative campsite at Tiadaghton. If you wish to avoid the sometimes noisy campground, camping is also permitted along a marked stretch of the river up and downstream from Tiadaghton. You can also take out there, although the dirt access road gets slippery in bad weather.


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