Rate a River

Let us know what you think of an outfitter, river or just give advice and comments about your trip. Send an E-mail to me and I will include your comments in a new section of this web.

 Please include:


  • Which outfitter and how you liked them (how were their jokes in the orientation lecture).
  • Who you are (tuber moving up in the world, hair boater, NY cop).
  • Which river (if known, or at least what state you thought you were in).
  • What time of year & weather (if known, or just hot or cold).
  • River flow (cubic foot per second if known, gauge height, or just high or low).
  • Thrills. spills and chills.
  • Scenery, wildlife (on the river, not in the campground).
  • Advice to newbies (wetsuits really are warmer when filled with water).
  • Anthing else of interest to prospective paddlers.
  • And send to yours truly - ab257 removexthis at ptd dot net. Add the word Lehigh to the subject line so it will get past my spam filters.

    Any comments will be spell checked and otherwise edited for clarity. No flames please - I don't want to be sued.


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