Tohickon Creek - First Ledge

Running the upper part viewed from river left.

The upper part viewed from river right.

Surfing the play wave viewed from river left.

Waiting in line for the play wave.

Surfing the wave viewed from river right.

The lower part of First Ledge Drop.

The fun starts with the next rapid, First Ledge. This can be run center-right over some pillows down thru a surfable wave/hole. Alternatively you can eddy out left after the first little drop, and then ferry right (with a couple of stops to surf waves) and down to the wave/hole. Or you can run more of a sneak route to the far right down the first part of the drop and the move quickly left towads a rooster tail hole.  Then pick a number and get in line to surf the hole. Great backenders for boats with low volume back decks.

This information is my opinion only
and may not reflect actual conditions.
It is based on my usually hazy memory,
and should not be used to decide whether
you or your guides are qualified to run the river.