Tohickon Creek - Second Ledge

An overview of the second ledge drop.

The upper part of the drop.

Lower section of the drop.

A quick pool to catch your breath, and you come up to Second Ledge. This is a two part drop (this ledge and the one above is is also called Triple Drop). The first river wide ledge can be run to the center right, and then down to the right of the washed over rock at the bottom. Or you can run a chute on the center left of the first drop, eddy out in the pool, and either then ferry over far right or thread the needle to the left and then behind  the washover rock (a raft snagging rock is ready for you if you don't cut behind the washover rock).

This information is my opinion only
and may not reflect actual conditions.
It is based on my usually hazy memory,
and should not be used to decide whether
you or your guides are qualified to run the river.