Tohickon Creek - Race Course

Hitting the slot at the start of the race course.

Some open canoes coming down
the upper part of the race course.

Scouting the middle section.

A nice self-resuce.

Wave train at the end of the race course,
with Hat's Rock rapid in the distance.

Another pool brings you to the start of the area used for slalom races back in the old days - the Race Course. You can enter on the left, and stay middle left down past rocks and ledges to the end of a small island, at which point you want to be far left. Or, you can catch a slot to the right of a washed over rock in the center at the top of the rapid, and then down to a surfable hole on the right. Head left after the hole to the end of the island, and then down thru a nice wave train in a fairly narrow section. Eddy out at the bottom.

This information is my opinion only
and may not reflect actual conditions.
It is based on my usually hazy memory,
and should not be used to decide whether
you or your guides are qualified to run the river.