Lehigh River Trip Reports

April 18, two amateurs started out at whitehaven, cfs was only 150 who said it couldn't be run below 400 1st mistake tried to go through triple drop and had to walk out. Plenty of doing "the butt scootin boggie" any way had a blast. Walt went over in no way out, tried to roll and to no avail. Finished up the day at rockport, camped out near maple Island.
April 19 put in at Rockport had a good run until I got to cocky,. but hey no fun if ya don't go over once in a while, Damn still practicing my roll. After we pulled out at glen onoko we were told we were right ahead of a damn release, just my luck hey.
equipment carl (me) DAGGER ANIMAS
Walt Piranha Ina zone 240
April 26 , rainy day , just me Did a no no and put in on a lil beach near maple island and triple drop, paddled straight down for a timing run took just a few breaks, about an hour and a half, had fun though, river was at 512 what a difference. While waiting below Scott's hole for rafts to exit at Jim thorpe I was practicing turns and guess what, with every one watching I went over, since I already had my spray skirt off trying to roll was out of the question. oh well
April 28, memorial day river at 512+ put in at whithaven, something not right my balance is a lil off, anyway had fun till I went over above mud run and was trying to roll when I realized I was feeling like a pinball upside down bouncing my head and shoulders off rocks, got the gouges in my helmet to prove it, (thanks to the guys and girls at greatfullheads). Still had fun talk to ya soon, hope to run it again near the fourth of July see ya then

Date: Wednesday, May 31, 2000
Level: 360-400 cfs
Weather: Mostly sunny, air temp in the 60s, water 50s
Location: White Haven to Jim Thorpe(almost!)
Group: Me and my bud Kev
Equipment: Perceptions, Swifty and a Sierra

Started out at 1 PM and had to walk out from Glen Onoko to Jim Thorpe (started
to get dark). Had a lot of fun in the lower, I got pinned twice, what do you
expect with a 11 foot Sierra! We're probably going out this week, either
Tuesday or Wednesday. If you see a red Swifty and a Blue Sierra out there
hitting every rock, that's just Joe (me)and Kev trying to have a little fun!

Stay wet...


 Date: Saturday, June 1, 1996
Level: 450 cfs
Weather: Sunny, air temp in the 60s, water 50s
Location: Rockport to Glen Onoko
Group: My brother and I
Equipment: Dancer and Crossfire

A little low for a lower run, usually prefer to run from White Haven at this level. Put on early so not too many private boaters, but a lot of rafts. Did a lot of surfing in the Crossfire on little waves. Great eddy turn practice. Stopped for lunch at a beach which turned out to be the 1st lunch spot for Whitewater Challengers, bummer. Got ahead of the raft trips after lunch though, so had the river to ourselves. Heard a lot of wood warblers, and saw a few Common Mergansers.

 Date: Saturday, May 25, 1996
Level: 800 cfs
Weather: Sunny, air temp in the 80s, water 60
Location: White Haven to Rockport
Group: Just the kids, my wife and I
Equipment: Momentum 12' raft

Truly an idyllic day on the Lehigh. Most of the sticky rocks covered, put on about noon so it wasn't too crowded. Kids did some swimming, but got a little cold afterwards. Had lunch on the rocks at No-Way, but unfortunately the level was high enough so the show put on by the raft trips running the slot wasn't as hilarious as at 450 cfs. Some plastic squirt boats were having a good time at Lunch Rock.

 Date: Friday, April 19, 1996
Level: 8,000 cfs
Weather: Sunny, air temp in the 50s, water 50
Location: Rockport to Glen Onokyo
Group: My sister, brother, Brent L. and I
Equipment: Mirage, Dancer, Pirouette S, and Crossfire

Caught the river after a week of rains. Had a great time surfing the wave trains. The hole at Oxbow was pretty big, as was Amy's (too cold to surf it, wimp, wimp). Threading through the offset holes above the chute at Little Swimmer's was the only technical move needed. Tower was a blast with waves coming from all directions.

Switched my Crossfire for my sister's Mirage for a little bit. Was amazed at how much easier it was to catch and surf big standing waves 'on the fly.' The boat is a lot faster, but a lot harder to spin.

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