Amleto A. Pucci, Jr., Ph.D. P.E.

Professional Services for Environmental Stewards and 501(c)(3) organizations

A drop of water---> My home page is especially meant for those environmental stewardship organizations and non-profit groups who are looking for help and information on a range of water resources issues. <---

Anyone else is invited and comments are welcome.

As an experienced ground-water scientist and engineer, I have worked on many environmental projects for private clients and non-profit organizations.  I have also worked as an environmental health administrator for public-water supply and led, or participated in, ground-water, surface water, contamination-remediation, and water-supply management projects.  My fortune is to have worked in these interesting fields and I would like to stay active by sharing my knowledge.

I intend to work with organizations that are environmental stewards and that serve the wellbeing of their communities and their habitat.  My technical knowledge and experience can probably most benefit such organizations as they consider or initiate their effort, or the project planning stage.  Its at this point when project purpose, scope, and feasibility are essential to success in the long run. I can consider my participation at this stage as a pro bono service.

I can contribute expertise in several professional service areas  (<-- click here).

The stewardship organizations I will work with on these matters are 501(c)(3) non-profit, non-government organizations (NGOs) and other groups.  I have worked with regional and international NGOs on water resources issues and water supply designs.

Brochure: Amleto A. Pucci, Jr. -- Professional Services for Environmental Stewards and 501 (c)(3) non-profit, non-government organizations (NGOs)
Bucks County Pond

"Collaboration is . . . frequently more than the combined abilities. . .people might give you --

     one person feeds another, and in some way something absolutely great comes out of it --

        much better than the two talents added together. . ."

                                                                                                 --George S. Kaufman

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