South Mountain Communications Inc.

South Mountain Communications Inc Tower

In September of 1998 Brian completed the purchase of a former AT&T microwave tower site on the South Mountain in Lebanon County PA. That hill, also known as Eagle's Peak or Texter Mountain, is at the conjunction of Lebanon, Berks and Lancaster Counties. The elevation there is around 1320 feet above sea level. The heavy microwave tower extends up 75 feet, and additional lighter tower extends up to 100 feet.

South Mountain Communications Site

Much work has gone into fixing up the site, including removal of old reflector horn antennas and waveguide, installation of new antennas and hardline, security systems, etc. Coverage is excellent into Lebanon, Berks and Lancaster counties as well as areas beyond.


Currently the site is being leased by:

Triangle Communications 1.800.828.7716


Donley Communications - now part of Triangle Communications !


Pennsylvania Public Safety Radio System


The S.P.A.R.K. Ham Radio Group


National Railway Historical Society

Here is a picture of the scene from the tower, looking out over South Eastern Lebanon County

Scenic View From Tower

Here is a picture looking down...

Looking Down

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