Scenes From the 1998 Central PA Saab Tour

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Eleven Saabs participated in the 1998 Central PA Saab Tour. Here are the Saabs lined up in the McDonald's parking lot in Danville, PA prior to the start of the tour.

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The human participants in the Central PA Saab Tour were, from left to right:  Kathy Geary, Blaithin, Dean Lusby, Jeremy Lusby, Sarah Leeser, Wendy Aucker, John Leeser, Brian Aucker,  "Bad" Rob Wagner, Tyler Lusby (front, red shirt), Mark Uhryk (behind Tyler), James Fox, Larry West, Kevin Quigley, Rich Crate, Tony Blake, and Sandy.

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Rich Crate, Tony Blake, and John Leeser talking Saab at one of the rest stops along the tour route.

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Mark Uhryk, Larry West, and Kevin Quigley.

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Larry West, "Bad" Rob Wagner, Mark Uhryk, and James Fox checking the goods under the hood of Fox's SPG.

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The Saabs parked at R.B. Winter State Park.

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