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Fantasy Fabric: Techniques in Layered Surface Design
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Create a simple piece of fantasy fabric using Tintzl (available from [Quilt Fabric for the Discriminating Quilting
Artist from!] )

First let me describe exactly what fantasy fabric is. Take a base layer of fabric, add some "stuff" on top, and capture these items under a layer of sheer fabric like tulle netting. Once created, the fabric can be simply framed, cut apart and appliqued or pieced, used as a background, border or binding. The technique is FAST, FUN, AND INSTANTLY REWARDING.

Step 1 - Cut a piece of base fabric. A fat quarter or 9" x 9" is a perfect size to start with.

Step 2 - Cut a piece of tear away stabilizer (I like Stitch n' Tear by Pellon) the same size as the base fabric.

Step 3 - Cut a piece of tulle netting (more detailed info on color choice is in the book) the same size as the base fabric. Set aside for later.

Step 4 - Lay base fabric on top of stabilizer - on a flat surface.

Step 5 - Carefully pull strands of Tintzl from the bag and position on the base fabric.

Step 6 - Top with the layer of tulle previously set aside. Pin as much as needed to hold Tintzl in place.

Step 7 - Stitch the layers together using whatever thread and stitching style you desire (more in the book). You will need to do enough stitching to hold the Tintzl in place (2"-3" apart) depending on how the finished piece of fabric will be used. If it will be used for piecing and appliqueing, more stitching may be necessary.

Step 8 - Tear away the stabilizer.

Step 9 - The finished fabric can be ironed with a dry medium to low temperature iron. Keep in mind that the Tintzl may be effected by heat. TEST prior to pressing the whole piece and protect the iron with a sheet of copy paper. It could be ironed from the back (protect the ironing surface). The Close up shot of "Out of the Darkness" shows fantasy fabric created with various cut fabrics (including tricot lames and sheers) along with Tintzl.

This is just a very fast description of creating a simple piece of fantasy fabric. The book will go into much more detail including other items that can be captured, stitching styles, various base fabrics, various top sheer fabrics, embellishments, and uses. Checkout a few of the fantasy fabric quilts that will show up in my book

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(...Available at [Quilt Fabric for the Discriminating Quilting
Artist from!])
Fantasy Fabrics
Techniques for Layered Surface Design

by Bonnie Lyn McCaffery
Publisher Martingale & Company

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