Personal Photos of Vietnam

Taken between 12/67 and 12/68

You can click on the picture of Red's mortar crew below to link to a poem that recalls the details of one combat encounter in 1968 in which 3/4 was involved.   I wrote the poem about 15 or 20 years later while I was hauling freight across Route 80 in Pa one moonlit winter night.  I think the first picture was taken on that hill.  Col. Bourne, I think, was the CO on the operation and is the "Col." in the poem.  I don't think any of the other pictures are from that battle.  You can also click on the small pictures to see a larger image.   I can't remember the names for all the faces, but I've attempted to put names to some of them.  Please let me know if you see a mistake.  S/F

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From Lt. Jim Singer's album (click on the picture to link to his web page


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