Road Rhymes

Updated 8/4/2001

Just Passin' Thru
This was one of the first poems that I wrote. It started out as an exercise to keep my mind occupied as I traveled across Route 78 in New Jersey one night.

A Truck Driver Story
Do you know the difference between a fairy tale and a truck driver story?...A fairy tale begins "Once upon a time; a truck driver story begins "You ain't gonna' believe this s***..." The character in this saga will certainly have a story behind him.

Thoughts On Immortality
I wrote this poem to read as my father's eulogy .

Let's Get Technical
A romance story for all you techies.

How to feel something that you can't touch.

'68 Flashback
Memories of a Vietnam combat scene. There is also a brief prose account of the event. You can click here for prose version or go straight to the poem. There are also links at the poetry and prose locations to go from one to the other.


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Road Rhymes


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