David Knoebel

Click Poetry


"The English language includes more than 250,000 words. Good combinations are still available."
-- David Knoebel
What's he done with his life? He fiddles with words. He could've been anything. An accountant. A dentist. He could've gone into his Uncle Jim's car dealership. He had his chances. But no. He's an 'artiste', some kind of big shot. Last week, he dreamed he was the Buddha; the week before, a Chanel wallet still flat in its box. What kind of stability is that?
-- Aunt Leona
Artist/writer David Knoebel was born in the US in 1949. He completed his first major work at age 3: a crayon mural on the living room wall. It was a critical disaster. Nevertheless, he persevered.
After college, he moved to New York City and had his first one man show there in 1976. Since then, his work has been seen in galleries throughout the US and Europe. He has work in private collections, and the Indianapolis Museum of Art (God bless'em) owns two of his works on paper.
Knoebel's web page, "Click Poetry", first appeared in 1996. His webwork has been featured on Compuserve, About.com, Light & Dust, Zn, trAce, Webartery, Web3D/VRML 2000, the International Computer Graphics Festival, Infos2000, The Poets' Place, netart00, Riding the Meridian, Jumpin' at the Diner, FILE, Cauldron & Net, the Carmen Conde Foundation, and The Iowa Review Web.