David Knoebel

Click Poetry
Click Poetry displays work I've done over the past 40+ years. This includes installations in art galleries and outdoor spaces, text and audio pieces made specifically for the computer, and other art/writing projects.
Notice 2021
The following sections no longer function due to changes in the implementation of Java and Javascript: Words, Words in Space, and Click Poems.
"Postmeaning" opens a Facebook page that features work I've done since 2011. Some friends tell me that I've found my late voice. Others say that I'm documenting my own descent into senility. In my opinion, these are not mutually exclusive possibilities.
Words in Space
"Words in Space" presents poetry that is meant to be read in three-dimensions. The poems in the "3D" section use VRML (Virtual Reality Modeling Language) to render the illusion of words arrayed in three dimensions on a computer screen. I began to think about three dimensional poetry after reading Jim Rosenberg's "A Prosody of Space / Non-Linear Time".

The "Indoor/Outdoor" section displays interactive documentation of three-dimensional poems that I've installed near highways and in an art gallery. This work owes a lot to ideas I came across in Karl Young's "Notation and the Art of Reading".

The poems in the "Words" section are composed for a flat surface. Some of them incorporate sound, simultaneous readings, animation, and random word choices. Many of the pieces in this section have been influenced by my reading in the works of Richard Kostelanetz.
The Click Poems
These are my earliest web pieces. They combine text and audio. When you click on the poem's first line, a second line appears on the screen. A recorded word or phrase soon follows. These three elements make up the entirety of the poem. Click Poems make vivid connections between the mundane and the timeless. They test the limits of poetic brevity.
This is my non-textual work. The first section documents Incandescent Light Installations that I showed in New York City galleries and other venues during the late 70's and early 80's. Any day now, additional sections will illustrate my sculpture and work on paper.
Tech Notes
Please enable both javascript and Java to see these works. Special requirements, such as plugins, are noted just before each title. The first time you select a poem, it may display slowly because its files must load from the server into your browser's cache. Subsequent readings should be snappier.