David Knoebel


More Joy is a poetry installation placed along a three mile stretch of Route 487S between Elysburg and Paxinos PA. The installation appeared among signs of similar size and format planted by politicians just before the elections in November 1999.
The initial map shows Route 487 between Elysburg (at the top) and Paxinos. Small red squares along Route 487 indicate the locations of the signs. Mouse over each square to see a thumbnail of the sign at that spot.
Click on the "State" and "County" buttons to see where the project is located within a larger area.
Click on the numbered buttons to see photographs of each sign.
The first time you press a button, the graphic display may be delayed because a file must load from the server into your browser's cache. Subsequent views should be snappier.
Each sign displays one word. The five words together comprise a single poem that incorporates the space and time required to read it. Since each of the five signs is seen separately, the work must be completed in the mind of the viewer.
The poem co-exists with the political signs in physical space, but the two sets of signs occupy different conceptual spaces. They exemplify the multiple simultaneous discontinuity that we experience every day. The poem takes literally the admonition to "spread joy". The words also describe the structure of the poem itself.