David Knoebel

Click Poetry

Words in Space

We live surrounded by words. They lie discarded on wrappers beneath our feet. They adhere to windows at eye level and to billboards high above. We perceive these words in no particular order. They are part of life's jumble, unlikely to yield beauty or truth. But what if they did? What if we could walk among the words of novels and poems? What if we wrote with words in space?


Heart Pole appeared in '3D Writing', the September 2006 issue of The Iowa Review Web, with an introduction by Rita Raley.
Jaguar sin Managua was commissioned in 2006 by the Carmen Conde Foundation in Cartagena, Spain to celebrate the centenary of that poet's birth. Her best known work in English is 'Mujer sin Eden' (Woman without Eden), Universal, 1986. The centenary project's theme is 'jaguar puro inmarchito...' which appears below in the poem from her book 'Jaguar Puro Inmarchito' Madrid, Ed. de la autora, 1963.