David Knoebel

Three Billboards

Poetry installation along a half-mile stretch of US Route 309N between McAdoo and Hazleton PA during November 1998.
Each billboard displays one word. The three words together comprise a single poem that incorporates the space and time required to read it. Since all three billboards can't be seen at the same time, the work must be completed in the mind of the viewer.
The initial map shows Route 309 between McAdoo (at the bottom) and Hazleton. Small red squares along Route 309 indicate the locations of the billboards. Mouse over each rectangle to see a thumbnail illustration of the billboard at that spot.
Click on the "Region" and "State" buttons to see maps of greater area.
Click on the "Sign" buttons to see detailed photographs of each billboard.
The first time you press a button, the graphic may display slowly because its file must load from the server into your browser's cache. Subsequent viewing should be snappier.