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Cynthia J. O’Hora- Education advocate

My passion and advocacy for a 21st Century education for the region's children grows every month. I advocate for effective instruction, cost containment and principled decision making at all levels of government, including public education.

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Cynthia J. O'Hora
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I will continue to inform the region on how our children are doing in school through PSSA Reading, Math, Science and Graduation rate annual rankings.

Effective Fall 2013 PA public schools' achievement will now be reported in a new manner. The District is no longer graded as a whole. Each school gets its own report card with a score out of a possible 100. Look on the left hand of the document for reading, math, science and writing scores on grade level. The individual grades are not being reported. High School and some Middle School students will be taking the new Keystone Exams in Literature, Algebra 1 and Biology at the end of the course. PSSAs continue for grades 3rd-8th and are discontinued for 11th grade.

2013 CSIU 16 region school districts/schools:

Danville Area School District

Danville Area High School - 92.7 out of 100 points

Danville Area Middle School - 94.4 out of 100 points

Danville Primary School - 82 out of 100 points

Liberty-Valley Elementary School - 82.7 out of 100 points

Mifflinburg Area School District

Mifflinburg Area High School - 87.2 out of 100 points

Mifflinburg Area Middle School - 83.2 out of 100 points

Mifflinburg Area Intermediate School - 92.2 out of 100 points

Mifflinburg Area Elementary School - 87 out of 100 points

Millville Area School District

Millville Area Junior Senior High School - 87.1 out of 100 points

Millville Area Elementary School - 82.6 out of 100 points

Central Columbia School District

Central Columbia High School - 84.3 out of 100 points

Central Columbia Middle School - 78.8 out of 100 points

Central Columbia Elementary School - 90.2 out of 100 points

Bloomsburg Area School District

Bloomsburg Area High School - 83.9 out of 100 points

Bloomsburg Area Middle School - 82.5 out of 100 points

Beaver-Main Elementary School - 84 out of 100 points

Memorial Elementary School - 68.7 out of 100 points

W W Evans Memorial Elementary School - 74.7 out of 100 points

Selinsgrove Area School District

Selinsgrove Area High School - 81 out of 100 points. Ranks 2nd in IU16 region high schools

Selinsgrove Area Middle School - 73.8 out of 100 points

Selinsgrove Area Intermediate School - 76.7 out of 100 points

Selinsgrove Area Elementary School - 82 out of 100 points

Line Mountain SD

Line Mountain Junior Senior High School - 78.8 out of 100 points

Dalmatia Elementary School - 85.9 out of 100 points

Leck Kill Elementary School - 91.2 out of 100 points

Trevorton Elementary School - 85.3 out of 100 points

Lewisburg Area School District

Lewisburg Area High School - 77.8 out of 100 points

Eichhorn Middle School - 86.4 out of 100 points

Linntown Elementary School - 92 out of 100 points

Kelly Elementary School - 91.1 out of 100 points

Berwick Area School District

Berwick Area High School - 77.1 out of 100 points

Berwick Area Middle School - 81.6 out of 100 points

Fourteenth Street Elementary School - 74.9 out of 100 points

Nescopeck Elementary School - 80.1 out of 100 points

Orange Street Elementary School - 69.1 out of 100 points

Warrior Run School District

Warrior Run High School - 76.3 out of 100 points

Warrior Run Middle School - 90.7 out of 100 points

Turbotville Elementary School - 86.7 out of 100 points

Watsontown Elementary School - 82.4 out of 100 points

Midd-West SD

Midd-West HS - 76.3 out of 100 points

Midd-West MS - 84 out of 100 points

Middleburg Elementary School - 73 out of 100 points

West Snyder Elementary School - 69.6 out of 100 points

Benton Area School District

Benton Area MSHS - 72.7 out of 100 points

L R Appleman Elemenatry School - 89 out of 100 points

Shikellamy SD

Shikellamy High School - 67.7 out of 100 points

Shikellamy Middle School - 84 out of 100 points

Grace S. Beck School - 72.1 out of 100 points

Priestley School - 75.1 out of 100 points

Chief Shikellamy School - 69 out of 100 points

Oaklyn School - 81.1 out of 100 points

Milton Area School District

Milton High School - 60.8 out of 100 points

Milton Area Middle School - 89.4 out of 100 points

Montandon Elementary School - 89.9 out of 100 points

Baugher Elementary School - 77.4 out of 100 points

White Deer Elementary School - 75.3 out of 100 points


PDE - PA School Performance Profile


Curious or Concerned about the Keystone Exams and Common Core Standards?

Get the FACTS - PA Sec. of Education Carolyn Dumaresq on new Core Standards

PA has gotten a NCLB exemption from the Feds. AYP under the No Child Left Behind Act will no longer be reported. Students in grades 3rd through 8th will still take the 4 PSSAs. (reading, writing, math and science) Older students will take 3 Keystone Exams instead. The State's graduation project mandate has been abolished.

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PA Stimulus Money for Public Schools - What can we do? What should we do? Every school district has received a bonanza in 2009-11. Click on your County in the map to see how much your district received.

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End of the Reading Wars - article | Do the Math - article

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