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updated 10/26/08

This site is not affiliated with Selinsgrove Area School District and does not reflect the official position of the Selinsgrove Area School Board.

Selinsgrove Area School District offers a Dual Enrollment program for juniors and seniors. Dual Enrollment allows students to take college courses during the school day, while also attending high school. Students earn college credits, thereby reducing the cost of college. These courses also count towards SASD high school graduation requirements. The tuition fee is greatly reduced by the college or university and in some cases tuition is eliminated. Dual Enrollment students pay for their books, fees and provide their own transportation. A grant from the state helps to cover some of these costs.

Who can participate in Dual Enrollment at SAHS?

You must be a junior or senior .

You must be making satisfactory progress toward fulfilling applicable high school graduation requirements, as determined by the district. This is based on passing current courses with 80% or better and meeting grade level course requirements, as well as, district attendance requirements. You should have scored proficient or better on your 11th grade Reading, writing and math PSSAs.

You must demonstrate readiness for college-level coursework in the intended subject of study.

You must have your parent or legal guardian's written permission.

Which colleges can I attend?

SASD has a cooperative agreement with Susquehanna University, Central Pennsylvania College and Bloomsburg University.

At Susquehanna University there is no charge for tuition. That is right, NO charge. You pay for books and parking fees.

At Bloomsburg University and Central Pennsylvania College there is a greatly reduced charge. (50% to 75% off)

Pennsylvania College of Technology’s dual-enrollment program for high school students available through SUN Area Technical Institute in New Berlin. College credits earned for the courses for $20 per credit. 10/08

What classes can I take?

A dual enrollment course must be identified in the Concurrent Enrollment Agreement between SASD and the college.

Courses offered are on a space available basis.

They must meet the following requirements set out by the Project 720 grant guidelines:

The course must be non-remedial.

The course must be offered in a core academic subject as defined by the No Child Left Behind Act of 2001. The following subjects fulfill this requirement: English, reading or language arts, mathematics, science, foreign languages, civics and government, economics, arts, history and geography.

How much can I save?

By passing the course you earn the credits. These credits count towards high school graduation and can be used at that college or transferred to another college or university when you graduate from high school. One recent SAHS graduate took 2 dual enrollment classes her senior year. She combined this with 2 AP classes where she scored well on the exams. She transferred the credits to her chosen university and skipped one semester of college - saving over $10,000.

Selinsgrove Area High School has been awarded a small grant to help defray student's costs.
What costs can the grant funds be used to cover?

At SAHS the Dual Enrollment Program Grant covers costs for: Tuition, Books, Fees

What about transportation?

Susquehanna University is walking distance from the high school. Students going to Bloomsburg University and Central Pennsylvania College must make and fund their own transportation arrangements.

Central Pennsylvania College is offering online courses

How do I know which classes will transfer to my chosen post secondary school (college or university)?

It is prudent to check with the college or university to learn their policy regarding transferring credits. Many post secondary schools provide this information on their web site. You can also contact their admission office for information.

How can I find out whether my courses will transfer? PA TRAC website

State Launches new system to simplify transfer of college credits, aid pursuit of degrees

What about participating in SAHS athletics, extracurriculars and events like prom and graduation?

You can still participate in all of them. You are still considered a student at the high school.

How do I sign up?

Contact your guidance counselor or Mr. Messmore, the High School Principal, for more information.

Transfers get credit for record enrollment - A law requires the State Higher Education System and certain other institutions to accept the first 30 credits earned in general-education courses that students earned at other schools. PSU, Pitt, Temple are now included. Info - Pennsylvania's Transfer Credit Framework | PATS - PA Transfer System

SAHS received an increase to $7,251.51 for Dual Enrollment classes for 2008-2009!

Shikellamy - $12,814.29, Mt Carmel - $19,586.69, Line Mt. $4,237.89, Danville - $14,747.64, Shamokin $26,805.73. (Bloomsburg, Lewisburg, Midd-West, Mifflinburg, Warrior Run - none). These are state level tax dollars and are a part of the 720 Project to improve high schools. . Dual Enrollment pays for high school students to take college-level, credit-bearing courses at local colleges and universities. These courses will also count towards high school graduation requirements.


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