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I spent $100.70 to buy 3 ads in The Shopper. I spent $84.00 on three ads in the Snyder County Times. I chose these two publications because they focus on our community and were the most cost effective.

I made all these web pages using software I received as a gift from my son 2 years ago. The site is in my personal space provided by my ISP. Cost $0

The sign in my yard is a reuse of one I made for an election a couple years ago. Cost $0

I have not accepted any money from anyone to pay for any of these expenses. They were paid for with my money.

What is my political party?

I am a lifelong registered Democrat. I am, more importantly, a GREATLY disillusioned Democrat. So much so, I considered changing parties. Sadly, the other major party is not doing a good job of representing the common person either. Operation Clean Sweep / Democracy Rising - take back our Pennsylvania government

School Board Directors candidates are permitted to crossfile in Pennsylvania.


How to Run for Public Office class being offered by LWVLA Saturday January 27, 2007 Brochure doc.


Salaries for school board directors

I do not support the current movement to pay school board directors in Pennsylvania. I will not vote affirmatively for a salary for School Board Directors.

I do not support the new board policy that gives them free admission to all district events. I believe it is important that board members pay admission just like: parents, grandparents and the community. It has always been my policy to pay when attending events, even when I was volunteering or was given a free ticket. I will continue to pay admission to school events that I attend.



Cynthia J. O'Hora
100 Stetler Ave,
Shamokin Dam, PA 17870

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