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Cynthia J. O'Hora
100 Stetler Ave,
Shamokin Dam, PA 17876

I have not linked this info to avoid spamming.

My Goals:

Cost effective programs based on goals - it is not my money, it is yours.

Spending should be focused on student academic success while optimizing the use of available resources.

I advocated for SASD's participation in the Common Cents state cost saving program. It was defeated. 2 times

I continually urge the board to act in spending and policy to reduce energy usage.

I proposed an employee driven cost control program to the Budget & Finance Committee 12/06

Act 1 tax shift information - ACT 1 Tax Commission Application and Information

Accountability - this begins with me

Board Representative on Professional Growth Committee 5/07 & 08. Sixteen plans approved for partial or full funding with a focus on student achievement, academic standards and the Strategic Plan goals.

Serving on the District Strategic Planning Committee 11/06 and forward

Volunteered to Chair the Dual Enrollment Committee - Grants received for 2006-2007, 2007-2008, 2008-2009

Participated in development of new Wellness Policy 3/06

Spending at least 5 hrs per week on preparation for board service

Attending events to support students: Seals Den opening, MS holiday concert 05, HS fall play 11/06, HS Holiday concert 12/06, HS Guest artist Concert 07, MS Career Day 07, HS Musical 5/07, MS Instrumental Concert 07, MS Gifted education event 08, HS Graduation 2007, 2008. HS plays.

Schools of Excellence in Technology 2006 Showcase conference 9am - 2pm - Carlisle Area School District (at my own expense) 5/17/06

Transparency in government

Strategic Planning

January 16th , 2007 - 4 pm - EI Associates will make a further presentation regarding the Elementary Building project. MS A103

Nov 20, 2006 - 7:30 pm - Regular meeting - EI Associates will make a presentation regarding the Elementary Building project.



Compliance and cooperation

I voted to approve SASD repairs to Weiser Run. 2006

I voted to approve installation of the required sidewalk for student safety 2006

I applaud the Selinsgrove Borough Council's lowering of the speed limits on Broad St. and 18th St.

I supported joining the Heartland Athletic League

I supported the Common Cents Program which was rejected by the Board.

I supported the VOTech Building project which was defeated.

I proposed making the delinquent ADA repairs and modifications at the High School as a part of the renovations. defeated.

Public Service - Register to vote - Letter to the Editor

Campaign spending disclosure

What do you think?


"There are two kinds of poverty in this country.
Those that do not have and those that do not know." Bill Shore of Share our Strength.


Democracy Rising - Government Reform

updated 6/3/2007 posted 10/20/2005