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updated 4/7/2007

originally posted 2/28/2006

School related News 2006 | News 2007

New Commission on the Skills of the American Workforce

Young Americans for December

Seal Sightings High School December newsletter

Governor’s Commission for Children and Families

Through Cover All Kids, CHIP will make health insurance available to thousands of uninsured children

Seals Den won the Tree Fest - well done!

Snyder County Library service grows - New database adds resources

Scholarship established by VFW in honor of Pfc Justin Dreese Killed in Action Iraq War

Family Fitness Program offered at SAIS through Penn State - contact school for more info 372-2270

Kids Night Out - Dec 2nd 5:30 pm James Garrett Sports Complex, at Susquehanna University Public Relations Student Society of America Contact them for more info. Fee involved.

School Buildings Presentation Nov 20, 2006 7:30 pm at Selinsgrove Elementary

Selinsgrove Area High School is seeking accreditation by The Commission on Secondary Schools of the Middle States Association

Snyder County Library offer many useful free services

Tax Fairness: video from Local Tax Reform Education Project

Local Tax Study Commission Public Hearing Meeting -
Thursday November 16 at 7:00 PM in Room A103 in the Middle School.
Call Jeff Hummel (Business Manager) if you have any questions. (372-2209)

Nov 20, 2006 - 7:30 pm - Regular Board meeting - EI Asscotiates will make a presentation regarding the Elementary Building project.

Schools secure, but is it enough? 10/3/06

The Cost to PA's Economy Resulting from School Starting Before Labor Day 10/2/06

Taxing and Spending Limits in Other States released from PDE

Heartland Coalition League

Pennsylvania to lose almost 6 percent of its PreK-12 student population

Potential fiscal crisis at PSERS - teacher's retirement fund - PA Auditor General report

Demographic and Economic Profile of Pennsylvnania 6/06

Selinsgrove board mulls elementary building options

Elementary Building repairs get another look

Learning Matters - The Merrow Report

Success for All

SASD 2006 Math test scores | SASD 2006 Reading Scores

The SASD ACT 1 of 2006 Tax Commission application online at

2005-2006 PSSA Scores for Math & Reading

Local Tax Study Commission Special Session Act 1

Tax Study Commission Implementation Packet

"Educating School Teachers" Arthur Levine

Selinsgrove High School offers Dual Enrollment

Two Area Schools receive computer grants

PIAA resources avaiable - handbook, rules, forms

Property tax relief Summary

NWCA Optimal Performance Calculator TM(OPC) Wrestling requirement by PIAA 9/12/06

Advance College Experience Program - High school students go to college

School tax shift may be on way by Robert B. Swift in Daily Item 8/19/06

Cyber bullying - PA Attorney General

Compulsory Attendance and Truancy Elimination Plan - Pa Dept. Education

The Professional Standards and Practices Commission - Teachers' Code

Gathering Storm Soaring costs for health care benefits and Pension Benefits threaten districts' bottom line.

Deadlines are looming for new financial-reporting rule on long-term costs for benefits

PA Coalition for Representative Democracy (PennCORD)

The Campaign for the Civic Mission of Schools is working with advocates from across the political spectrum to elevate civic learning as an educational priority.

PSBA Encourages Taxpayers to Get Involved with Local School District Tax Study Commissions

August 8, 2006 - Act 1 of 2006 (Pennsylvania Taxpayer Relief Act) requires each school district to set up a Local Tax Study Commission by Sept. 14, 2006. The commission may comprise either five, seven or nine members. The structure of the commission must reflect the socioeconomic, age and occupational diversity of the school district. One member may be a school board director. No appointee can be a school district official or employee, or relative of someone affiliated with the school.

I encourage any resident who is interested in serving on this commission to contact the school district or the board. The main office is 372-2210.

Government Information Online (GIO) is a free national online information service. Participating librarians specialize in finding government information sources of all kinds, and will try to answer your questions through chat or email.

I Think I Can, I think I Can raising expectations

Gathering Storm Soaring costs for helath care benefits and Pension Benefits threaten district'sbottom line.

PSSA Performance Level Scores, as approved by the State Board of Education 2006

Basic Education Funding from the state 2006

PDE School Safety Report for the 2004-05 school year 8/1 SASD report

State Report - Potential Costs and Impacts of Early Retirement and COLA's 6/06

2006-2007 School Year SASD Lunch Prices

Carb Count List

National School Lunch Program online - apply (apply for free or reduced price school meals)

SASD Wellness Policy - about the SASD Wellness Program

State passes several bills that amend the PA School Code

NEA to Challenge 'No Child Left Behind'

Property Tax Relief info

Pennsylvania Taxpayer Relief Act

30 Days on the Susquehanna

Selinsgrove Seniors told to choose their own path 6/06

National History Day in Pennsylvania

Board Governance Standards / Code of Conduct 11

Extracurricular Participation by Home Education Students 137.1

Selinsgrove Area School District 2006-2007 Preliminary Budget

SEAL Sightings May 2006

SUN Tech graduates are ready to seize the day 6/06

2007 Pennsylvania Teacher of the Year Finalist 5/06

Nature's Top Teacher 5/06

Seals Den Teaches Skills 5/06

2 mill tax hike proposed 5/16/06

Selinsgrove school board mulls resources, expenses 5/5/06

SUN Tech expansion could be delayed 4/21/06

New all-day kindergarten plan mulled in Selinsgrove 2/21/06

Competition challenges gifted students 2/19/06

Board OKs pact 2/8/06 The contract is public information. Feel free to ask for a copy at the District Office.

Administrative Newsletters

SUN-Tech officials looking for money to finance major renovation 1/29/06

Learning in job environment makes education stronger 1/29/06

New diesel truck lab important to SUN-Tech 1/29/06

Seal Sightings High School newsletter - Dec 05

Seal Sightings High School Newsletter Oct 05

News 2007

"There are two kinds of poverty in this country.
Those that do not have and those that do not know." Bill Shore of Share our Strength.