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In times of drastic change, it is the learners who inherit the future. The learned usually find themselves beautifully equiped
to live in a world that no longer exists.
Eric Hoffer. Reflections on the Human Condition

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Updated 7/24/08

originally posted 4/2007




SUN Tech adds adult courses

Governor Rendell Announces 'Classrooms for the Future' Schools for 2008-09 -
Selinsgrove gets $52,524. for year 2 funding, Midd-West $42,706, Lewisburg - $45,413, Shikellamy $57,023,
Mifflinburg $59,896, Line Mountain 1st yr. $82,277, Milton Area 1st yr. $137,788, Warrior Run 1st yr. $102,676

Income Eligibility Guidelines, to be used in determining eligibility for free and reduced price meals or free milk.

From Farm to School: Improving Small Farm Viability and School Meals

Autistic kids get local help

Schools putting energy saving into syllabus

7-27-08 WKOK The Greater Susquehanna Valley Chamber of Commerce and their Business and Education Committee

East Snyder County Park is open for horseshoes (byo), baseball, softball, walkling path and giant climber for kids.

SAHS receives $7,251.51 for Dual Enrollment classes for 2008-2009! Shikellamy - $12,814.29, Mt Carmel - $19,586.69, Line Mt. $4,237.89, Danville - $14,747.64, Shamokin $26,805.73. (Bloomsburg, Lewisburg, MiddWest, Mifflinburg, Warrior Run - none). These are state level tax dollars and are a part of the 720 Project to improve high schools. . Dual Enrollment pays for high school students to take college-level, credit-bearing courses at local colleges and and universities. These courses will also count towards high school graduation requirements.

Evaluating Online Learning Opportunities

High Cost of Driving Ignites Online Classes Boom

Pa. Board of Education Chairman Resigns

PA Treasurer Unveils State Government Contracts Online Database - Pennsylvania Contracts e-Library

Science: It's Elementary Grantees announced

Shamokin Area feels correlation between income, lower test scores News Item 7/13/08

Students score high in PSSA testing The Daily Item 7/16/08

Donna Gavitt is a recipient of the Pennsylvania Office of Financial Education’s first ever Ripple Effect award for exceptional efforts to enhance financial education in their schools and communities.

US Science Grad Goals Falling Behind Time 7/15/08

Engineering Campers happy to crunch some numbers The Daily Item

Tips for Exercising Safely in the Heat

Has Student Achievement Increased Since 2002? State Test Score Trends Through 2006-07, published in June 2008

Improving Math in High Schools - National Association of Secondary School Principals

Breaking Ranks II & High School Reform - National Association of Secondary School Principals

Role of the Principal in Interscholastic Athletics - NFHS

New Clues to Autism's Cause. CLAUDIA WALLIS Time. 7/10/08

The computer age: Learning anytime, anywhere

$10 million grant to help study how youngsters learn science ( FOSS curriculum)

EPLC newsletter on many changes in Pennsylvania school code made with 2008 budget.

State will use new formula based on cost to educate each student Editorial

State Graduation Tests Optional For Now

State boosts funds for Valley schools Daily Item 7/8/08

Pa. support for schools jumps The Philadelphia Inquirer 7/8/08

CORRECTED: Technology Reshapes America's Classrooms NYT 7/7/08

Reading The Declaration Of Independence at National Public Radio

Very Low Cost college credits. - Local high school Juniors and Seniors have the opportunity to take college-level classes through Central Pennsylvania College. The College in High School program allows students to take courses for $75 a credit. Through the course of a school year, students could earn as many as 24 transferable credits, saving themselves as much as $6,600 a year in tuition, according to a news release. Students can attend classes online via Blackboard or attend the college's Summerdale campus. For more information on the program, Bobbi Landis at bobbilandis@cen

The Science of Reading Instruction and No Child Left Behind

Elanco: Lone district in state to reject gambling revenue Intelligencer Journal July2, 2008

Strong American Schools - Debate on the Economic Implications of the Crisis in American Education webcast - US has lost its education advantage in the world. In 1960s, US well ahead of world in high school gradution rate. South Korea has the highest grad rate today. In 2005, US college graduation rate now 19th in the world. Skill needs in US have shifted away from hand labor factory work. Many job declines. White collar, routine work has seen steepest decline in recent years. Anything that can be digitized will move offshore. Non routine interactive skills and non routine thinking skills jobs are increasing. MUST SEE

Chance Favors the Prepared Mind: Mathematics and Science Indicators for Comparing States and Nations” Dr Gary Phillips report

Education and U.S. Competitiveness video webcast cspan

To Read or Not to Read Library of Congress and NEA webcast

House Republican Appropriations Committee released documents - basic education, special education, and accountability block grant proposed compromise funding levels for FY 2008-2009.

PA Budget - hold the applause - "Sen. Gibson E. Armstrong, who chairs the Appropriations Committee, said he expects a deficit at the end of the fiscal year of between $800 million and $1.2 billion." Budget makers put off $114 million in planned contributions to the pension fund for public school employees, a payment proposed to help diminish the impact of an expected spike in costs in the coming years.

The Proficiency Debate - The Center for Public Education

Pennsylvania Special Education Services and Programs regulations - revisions effective June 28, 2008

Troops to Teachers - a U.S. Depart. of Ed. & Depart. of Defense program

Minority Drop Out Rates - CSPAN

National Education Association Annual Meeting - CSPAN

Tax system to change

Busing change ticks off parents - The Daily Item July 2, 2008.

School boards ought to work harder to control spending Editorial The Daily Item July 1, 2008.

School Leadership is second only to teaching in impacting student achievement.

Why are so many people leaving Pennsylvania? - Nathan A. Benefield

State's $28 billion budget avoids tax hikes - "Mr. Rendell and House Democrats had been holding out for increasing funding by $291 million in 2008-09, the first year of a six-year plan to hike that funding.

Yesterday's deal cut that figure to $274 million. Steve Miskin, an aide to House GOP Leader Sam Smith of Punxsutawney, said the change also included a reduction in a special $34 million allotment for Philadelphia schools, so more than 230 other school districts would get additional funds." Pittsburgh Post Gazette July 1, 2008.

Budget deal boosts spending on schools

Pennsylvania revenue figures in June fell below estimates. Some examples:

Sales tax collections totaled $710.2 million, which is $30.2 million below the state's estimate.
Personal income tax collections totaled $1 billion, which is off by $8.9 million.
Corporate tax collections totaled $499.3 million, which is $80.1 million below estimate.
Motor license fund collections for the month were $172.8 million, which was $23.9 million below estimate

No Common Denominator: The Preparation of Elementary Teachers in Mathematics

What Education Schools Aren't Teaching About Reading--and What Elementary Teachers Aren't Learning

If Wishes Were Horses: The Reality Behind Teacher Quality, September 2007

New Academic Policies for participation effective 2008-2009 Athletics | Extracurriculars

Grading Our Schools Databases by Times- Tribune

Educator Database by Time-Tribune learn the qualifications of any PA teacher.

Oakland students enthusiastic about tests May 22, 2008

Gordner, Phillips weigh in on Pa.’s budget negotiations Milton Journal June 20, 2008.
"Gordner said the version of the budget that passed through the Senate earlier this week includes a 3.5 percent increase in public school funding. That is in contrast to the 6 percent increase proposed by Gov. Ed Rendell."

Lawmakers concerned with Rendell’s cuts Milton Journal June 20, 2008.
"The governor’s proposed budget calls for an increase in basic education subsidies by $291 million, or nearly 6 percent, the largest increase in more than two decades. However, according to Gordner, about 30 percent of that funding will go to Philadelphia schools, while locals schools may only see a 1 to 2 percent increase in funding."

Lawmakers at loggerheads in state budget talks - Education funding growth and who gets dramatic increase are part of the challenge. The Daily Item June 29, 2008.

PA Senate Hearings and efforts to fund education

Spending plan increases top inflation rate Moore, Marcia. The Daily Item June 29, 2008.
Selinsgrove Area School District 4.3 percent, or $1.33 million, and taxes rose by 5.6 percent

Pa. student takes on a challenge - Annie Iodice started her collegiate career at age 13, and since then, she's been on an academic tear Dual Enrollment

Vouchers and Special Education Washington Times special report part 2

More students study online as gas prices soar - "College-going trends nationally have been showing a migration toward online learning. Nearly 20 percent of all higher education students were taking at least one course online in the fall of 2006, according to The Sloan Consortium, which is supported by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, and which surveyed more than 2,500 colleges and universities. There was also a nearly 10 percent growth rate in online enrollments over the previous year, far surpassing those in traditional classrooms." Dan Berrett, Pocono Record. June 25, 2008

Mount Vernon is giving away for free a special portrait of Washington with a learning kit - free to schools, just ask. They are also providing free dvd's and online resources

Valley teen moms buck U.S. trend - Snyder County has a declining rate The Daily Item Article

2.8-mill increase adopted Selinsgrove Area School District. 6/23/2008 The vote was 6-0 with 3 board members absent.

Effects of preschool on kids' development not all positive

Pennsylvania revenue figures in May fell below estimates. Some examples:

The sales tax came in $5.6 million below estimate.
The personal income tax came in $97.9 million below estimate.
The corporate tax came in $31.5 million below estimate.
The realty transfer tax came in $1.8 million less than expected.
The cigarette and malt beverage taxes came in $18.2 million below estimates.
The motor license fund generated $15.2 million less than estimated.
Smith, Sharon. Patriot June 24, 2008

Parents seek ways to make kids eat vegetables - LA Times

Summer Reading Programs for Children and Adults

Tech school's $14M plan off

High Performing Teachers: Leading Students to Success in the 21st Century — Webcast US Dept. Ed.

Top students' gains found mediocre - Teachers pay more attention to low achievers, report says.

"But NCLB is not to blame for the slower improvement of the top students, since the study found the students were essentially making the same minimal gains before NCLB as they were making during it, said Tom Loveless, senior fellow at the Brookings Institution who conducted research." Fagan, Amy. Washington Times, June 18, 2008
Fordham Institute Study - High Achieving Students

Imbalanced burden that won't go away

How some states have made stridesregarding taxing

State auditor general's office inspects for school safety - Bureau of School Audits

Curriculum Coaches help schools keep up with changes

School Funding Formula


A New Program In Dallas, Texas Makes Truant Students Carry A GPS Device

What Does a Balanced Literacy (reading) Approach Mean? focusing on the child's skills & needs

Diplomas Count 2008 by Editorial Projects in Education - Pennsylvania ranked 4th with a 80.4% graduation rate. Use the map feature to see how your district did in 2004-2005.

Board still mulling SUN Tech project - Selinsgrove approved for the 2nd time to place the question on the ballot so the voters can decide.

More than 90 percent of WA Class of 2008 meet WASL reading and writing standards - Washington State graduation requirements

Lookin’ Out committee from Selinsgrove Area High School's project is this year’s Erie Insurance, Lookin’ Out PSA, titled “My Big Sister.”

Three Ways to Prevent Summer Reading Slide

Center-Monaca merger unfolds | Upstate Pa. school district merger may lead to others Educators say an ideal district enrollment is 2,500 to 3,500 - big enough to justify special programs and to use resources and buildings efficiently but small enough to not overwhelm individual students. Pennsylvania has 501 school districts and 211 have fewer than 2,000 students. Sixty-five others have fewer than 1,000 students.

Ed. secretary: Beaver Co. districts' merger should be model The Times Tribune

Culture Is the Key to Math Gender Gap WebMD

Carlos Gutierrez, US Commerce Secretary, reports that unemployment among those without a high school diploma is 7.8%. Speech at National Summit on American Competitiveness. C-SPAN

Referendum would give school board mandate to act - The Daily Item Editorial

Joshua Varon, Education Law Center, Staff Attorney, discusses funding for education in Pennsylvania, as well as the implications of No Child Left Behind on the education system. CSPAN online video

Looking to the future - Langland, Connie. The Inquirer

Child Obesity Rate Levels Off. Time May 2008

Parents question proposed changes to Pennsylvania's gifted-student regulations

Public can comment on graduation changes - The public comment period ends on June 16.
Citizens can submit their opinions about the proposal in writing to: Jim Buckheit, Pennsylvania State Board of Education, 333 Market St., 1st Floor, Harrisburg, Pa. 17126. Fax 787-7306 or e-mail
Changing High School Graduation Requirements

State High School Graduation Requirements Discussion Paper

Center For Education Policy research on High School Exit Exams

Technology Counts 2008 - The Push to Improve STEM Education - Business leaders, governors, and others are urging a redoubled commitment to strengthening U.S. students’ preparation to succeed in the subjects known by the increasingly familiar shorthand of STEM. Pennsylvania's report 2008

Adding languages to curriculum far from easy - My Turn Free Foreign Language Courses Online

State board refuses to require foreign language studies because of high cost

Numbers are dismal - The Daily Item

Healthy Farms, Healthy Schools Program

State Board of Education - Proposal for requiring graduation tests

"Pennsylvania, like other states in the 1990s, increased its educational standards and high school graduation requirements by adopting State academic standards and establishing a Statewide accountability system designed to measure student and school performance. Yet 9 years later, these reforms have not yielded consistent results at the high school level. One-quarter of our students do not graduate from high school on time. Nearly 40% of those who graduate--57,000 students each year--are awarded diplomas without having passed the State's reading, writing and math tests. Less than half of our high school graduates enroll in college upon graduation and only 37% make it to their sophomore year. Only one-third graduate from college on time.

These results severely limit economic opportunity for thousands of graduates to earn a living wage; they erode this Commonwealth's overall competitiveness for jobs, and reduce our future tax base thereby reducing resources available for vital government services. Every student must graduate from high school with the knowledge and skills that are essential for college and career success if this Commonwealth's economy is to fulfill its promise."

PATTAN - Information for Parents

10 Myths (Maybe) About Learning Math Mathews, Jay. Washington Post article 2005

Twelve Documents in the Math Wars, 1989-2006

Panel Urges Schools to Emphasize Core Math Skills

More education boosts economic strength of individual and community

Quality Counts 2008 Pennsylvania schools study

America Scouts Overseas to Boost Education Skills ED Week 4/2008

School board adopts $32.29M budget The Daily Item 5/20/08

Superintendent’s contract extended The Daily Item 5/20/08

Income Inequality Grew in Pennsylvania and Most States over Past Two Decades - Fact sheet for Pennsylvania

Schools adjust to water advisory The Daily Item 5/20/08

23 PA high schools in top 5% for 2008 list by Newsweek FAQ: Best High Schools list

Danville High in top 5 percent The Daily Item 5/20/08

2008-2009 Selinsgrove Area School Distirct Budget Info

Notice of Intent to seek Back-end Referendum Exceptions
Budget Assumptions

Pennsylvania Fair Guide 2008

Focus, Rigor, and Coherence - standards " So it's important to ask, why do we have such unfocused, undemanding, and incoherent math standards? I attribute it to the long tradition in the U.S. of shared responsibility in curriculum decision-making, as well as a complex decentralized arrangement for schooling and curriculum development. What many other countries take for granted is problematic, and political, in the U.S." William H. Schmidt, Spring 2008

Ensuring success for all high school graduates - How are we doing? data

Preparing PA Youth for Success in the 21st Century Economy

Report on Referendum Exceptions for 2008-2009

Helping your child learn to read - pamphlet

2 Valley districts could see slightly larger tax breaks The Daily Item 5/17/08

College transfer process easier with new Web site The Daily Item 5/15/08

Lewisburg students double their 'money' in stock market game The Daily Item 5/15/08

Danville Area School District's minimum passing grade is 70%. The Daily Item 5/13/08

Summer Reading Skills Programs offering 1st through 11th grade at Milton High School through PSU 1-800-978-9596

Property Tax Relief announced

Sandi Vito, Acting PA Labor Secretary, at the Workforce Development PA Partners Conference, stated that high school dropouts cannot compete in the global market. PCN 5/12/08

300 compete in Envirothon The Daily Item 5/7/08 Pennsylvania Envirothon

Summer stuff to do:

Writing program geared to grades 3-8 - Scholarships are available for each session.

Summer Kids College - Scholarships are available for each session.

Selinsgrove Library programs for children


May08 SealSightings - HS newsletter

SAMS Newsletters - May 08

Cyber school students change gears for 'Robo-ball'

The Effect of Special Education Vouchers on Public School Achievement: Evidence from Florida's McKay Scholarship Program

Defending their Turf - The Daily Item 5/5/08 Safety of synthetic turf @ Sprinturf site

An Initiative on Reading Is Rated Ineffective

Elementary science showcased

Closing The Achievement Gap In Math And Science May 2, 2008

Current research shows that assessment and improved student performance are critically linked.

President Bush declares May 4 through May 10, 2008, as National Charter Schools Week.

CDC reports measles outbreaks in US - 64 cases since January related to travel in Europe (Switzerland) and Israel "The last major measles outbreak happened in the early 1990s. That resulted in 50,000 cases of measles, more than 11,000 hospitalizations and more than 120 deaths." Barrett, Kate. "CDC Spots large Measles Outbreak", ABC News Health. May 1 2008.

Life and Debt in America - Personal finance education in elementary school CBS report

Technology in the Secondary Science Classroom - Virtual Science Classrooms provide a unique opportunity to study science at an accelerated pace or make up missed work. Cyber Classes

Pennsylvania School Funding Campaign - a coalition of many school related groups including the Pennsylvania Scool Board Association and Pennsylvania Education Association (teachers union) are fighting for the Pennsylvania General Assembly to enact a permanent school funding formula and fully fund it with at least $2.6 billion in additional state funds in no more than six years. Costing Out Study results in the Central Susquehanna Valley region.

Governor's Commission of College and Career Success report

DUI Awareness Day is planned for Saturday The Daily Item 4/30/08

Selinsgrove offers 3 foreign language programs - Spanish, French & German in high school. Spanish is offered in middle school. Through Dual Enrollment a junior or senior can enroll in several other language classes at area universities.

Pennsylvania State Education Board refuses to require foreign language studies because of high cost - Chairman Karl Girton said mandated foreign language education would require 2,683 additional foreign language teachers. (Only 300 are certified each year in Pennsylvania.) He estimated it would cost school districts $114.5 million to add staff.

Free foreign language courses - many available online "test drive" one this summer with your child

Check out BU for summer language courses at a deep discount for high school students.

FYI - The state has required all school districts since 1966 to offer at least two foreign language courses. School districts decide whether it should be a graduation requirement. Many school districts resisted when the state board passed a regulation in 1993 making proficiency in a foreign language mandatory for graduation. Foreign language requirement resisted

Pennsylvania Department of Education - World Languages information


Back to the 80's Musical at SASD HS auditorium - April 24, 25, 26

Scanning world's every book means turning many, many pages

Inspiring youngsters one page at a time

The Pennsylvania High School Computer Fair | PA Middle School Computer Fair

Political electricity crackles in classes The Daily Item

Ensuring a High School Diploma is a Ticket to Success - Graduation Competency Assessments (GCA)

A+ School Rewards at Giant stores. High School - 01127, Middle School 01128, Jackson Penn 01130.
Please consider supporting the schools. Thanks!

PA Budget Secretary Says Property Tax Relief Certain This Year - The amount of property tax relief in each school district will be available in early May 08 at | Projections provided in Jan 08 xls

The Property Tax and Rent Rebate program forms are now available. This rebate benefits eligible Pennsylvanians who are 65 and older; widows and widowers who are 50 and older; and persons with disabilities who are 18 and older. Homeowner income limits are $35,000 annually, excluding half of Social Security income, and the maximum rebate was increased to $650. If you have not gotten a form they are available from Sen Gordner 570-743-1918 and Rep Phillips 570-286-5885.

Selinsgrove students make public-service announcement promoting safe driving The Daily Item

Autism tests schools Star-Gazette 4/13/08 April is PA Bureau of Autism Services.

Penn State Berks and Carpenter Technology Corp. start a three-year program to train elementary teachers to prepare Reading district students for assessments tests. Reading Eagle 4/14/08

District sees the virtue of virtual learning The Morning Call Opinion Allentown 4/14/08

Taking teachers off the books Philadelphia Intellingencer 4/13/08

Rendell calls legislators' bluff on school funds The Morning Call Opinion Allentown 4/11/08

U.S. fails in global education, panel says Pittsburgh Tribune Review 4/9/08

Strong American Schools website

How to Make Great Teachers - Time, Feb 13, 2008

A Voter's Guide to Education Time

Financial Literacy 101 - SASD offers HS students a personal finance course and participates in the Stock Market game as well as Junior Achievement.

What did your district spend? Erie Times News 4/7/08 The Public Education Finances: 2006 shows that school districts in the United States spent an average of $9,138 per student in fiscal year 2006, an increase of $437 from 2005, according to a U.S. Census Bureau report released today. Common Core of Data

"“The Nation’s Report Card: Writing 2007,” released today by the U.S. Department of Education,
found that 36 percent of Pennsylvania eighth graders are showing “solid academic performance” in writing. Pennsylvania’s performance level is a significant improvement over 2002 and exceeds the national average, which did not change significantly over the past five years." PDE press release
| 2006-07 School Level Writing PSSA Results | NAEP Report Card video

Selinsgrove 8th graders did very well on the 06-07 Writing PSSA with 229 kids tested - Advanced 14.4% Proficient 77.3% (05-06 scores) 228 students 12.3% adv. 72.9% prof.

Selinsgrove 11th graders did very well on the 06-07 Writing PSSA with 226 kids tested - Advanced 7.5% Proficient 82.3% (05-06 scores) 239 students 22.2% adv. 67.8% prof.

Selinsgrove 5th graders scores on the 06-07 Writing PSSA with 193 kids tested - Advanced 0.5% Proficient 53.4% (05-06 scores) 191 students 0% adv. 54.5% prof.

Cyber schools serve students' needs The Daily Item article 4/6/08

High tuition + low overhead = windfall The Daily Item article on Cyber Charter Schools 4/6/08

Penn State and the Pennsylvania Coalition to Prevent Teen Pregnancy free Podcast

America's Promise Alliance - #4 Effective Education "The number-one predictor of whether you will be successful in life is whether you graduate from high school. In today’s competitive global economy, effective education is more important than ever before." High School Dropout Prevention Report

Key pre-algebra skills should get more focused attention, experts say. The National Mathematics Advisory Panel's report emphasis on algebra stems partly from research showing a correlation between doing well in the subject and going on to gain a college degree and earn a good income. Growth in math- and science-related jobs is outpacing growth in other fields 3 to 1.

Selinsgrove team wins Junior Achievement event - The Daily Item 3/28/08 Junior Achievement

A School Where STEM Is King - A selective, specialized high school in Baltimore uses an interdisciplinary approach that enables students to experience STEM as a way of life. (STEM = Science, Technology, Enginering & Math)

The Push to Improve Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math Education - Pennsylvania earns a B in Technology in Education Selinsgrove Area School Distirict has applied for the 2nd year of a multiyear state grant to place computers in high school classrooms and to train teachers to effectively use them with the students. Classrooms for the Future

Communities grapple with needs, expenses The Daily Item March 24, 2008

386 lost homes in 2007 Foreclosures in region The Daily Item March 23, 2008

Trend in approved school tax increases shows again that Act 1 is weak relief - Selinsgrove has applied for two exceptions to raise taxes over the Act 1 index for 2008-2009. For Selinsgrove Area School District that index was 5.6% or higher than the state average of 4.4%. Almost 400 school districts are permitted to increase property tax rates this year between 4.4 percent and 7.1 percent. The 102 districts granted exceptions by the state (Selinsgorve did get them) can raise their taxes even more. Out of the 106 districts that applied for exceptions, the PA Department of Education rejected the requests of four. School belts tighten

More high school students take college classes in state program article Pittsburgh Post Gazette

Math without (and with) problems The Daily Item article on Danville SD

Dual Enrollment and AP Courses a bargain

Seal Sightings Feb 2008 - High School Newsletter

Library: We want every kid ready to read - Parents can prepare their preschoolers Every Child Ready to Read

Preschool Library services in Snyder County PA. | Parents Guides

Put Reading First: Helping Your Child Learn To Read: A Parent Guide: Preschool Through Grade 3 free

NC High School Student Wins $100,000 Intel Science Award

Report Urges Changes in Teaching Math 3/14/08

Two Million Minutes: A Documentary Film on Global Education - Trailer

Robert Compton Executive Producer 2 Million Minutes March 9, 2008 on CSPAN Q&A

Dual Enrollment and AP Courses a bargain

School chief backs stiffer testing

Ensuring a High School Diploma is a Ticket to Success - The new regulations would be in effect starting with the graduating class of 2014. These children are in 8th grade this year.

Snow days cut into vacation - As of Feb 27, 2008, the last day of school is June 6.

2008-2009 SASD Preliminary Budget Documents online

Illiteracy in America - If you know someone who needs help, contact the local library. There are programs avaliable locally.

Charter Laws Graded and Ranked State By State - 12th strongest of the nation's 41 charter law

'Gender bullying' on the rise

Governor Rendell's 2008-09 EDUCATION PROPOSED BUDGET

Many local districts would gain - Philly Inquirer

Selinsgrove Board selects interim principal

PA Workforce Investment Board Endorses Proposal to Produce Higher-Quality, Better-Prepared High School Graduates

Selinsgrove Area School District did not buy the recalled beef from Westland/Hallmark Meat Co.

Cyber School Students Deserve Equal Treatment - opinion

The Union-Snyder Community Action Agency is conducting a 2008 Community Needs Survey to gather community input on needs and concerns regarding the Union-Snyder area.

'Continuous improvement' management philosophy is put to work in first grade

College: Navigating student loans

The Sunbury Area Health Foundation is currently accepting scholarship applications from high school seniors, as well as college students, who are pursuing a degree in the medical/health field. All candidates must reside in the Shikellamy, Selinsgrove or Line Mountain school district.

The Pennsylvania Department of Health has released proposed regulations that would make changes to the immunization requirements for school attendance. A copy of the proposed changes is available in the February 9 edition of the Pennsylvania Bulletin. Comments on the proposed regulatory changes will be accepted by the Department of Health through March 10.

The proposed amendments would require that students before entering school be immunized with the hepatitis B vaccine (previously required for entry into either kindergarten or first grade and entry into the seventh grade); and would require that students entering the seventh grade be immunized with the tetanus, diphtheria and acellular pertussis (Tdap) vaccine, if at least 5 years has elapsed since their last tetanus and diphtheria immunization, and be immunized with the meningococcal conjugate vaccine (MCV).

The proposed amendments would change the existing requirement for varicella immunity upon school entry and for entry into the seventh grade into an all-grades requirement, but would phase in the 2-dose requirement. Children entering school in kindergarten or first grade would be required to have 2 properly-spaced doses of the vaccine. The Department would then require 2 properly-spaced doses of the varicella vaccine for all grades beginning school year 2010/2011.


Free an innovative online resource for teachers, students, parents and the literacy community

A Family's Guide: Fostering Your Child's Success in School Mathematics free download

Massachusetts Institute of Technology free online K-12 resources

SASD students enthused and excited about the Stock Market Game

The Center for Safe Schools announces a new Internet safety video: Protecting Kids Online

Intervention: First Things First - study inconclusive

Key Democrats Join President in Seeking to Revive NCLB Renewal

States push for cyberbully controls

Seal Sightings - December newsletter 2007

Selinsgrove Juniors who are planning their schedules for next year should investigate the Dual Enrollment program for free and reduced cost college credits. Dual Enrollment - an outstanding opportunity

Governor's Report on State Performance 2006 - 2007 pdf

Education Week’s January 2008 “Quality Counts” report gave Pennsylvania a “B-.” The nation’s grade was a “C.” No state earned an overall grade of “A.” Pennsylvania outperformed the nation in five of the six grading categories and 14 of the 17 graded criteria.

Author of Costing out study reports it contains math errors that overstated funding needed. Over $6 million overcharge for Central Susquehanna region. Revised local schools report.

Education, Advocacy Groups Join Forces for 1 billion dollar increase in School Funding

No Child Left Behind: A Closer Look at impacts

Discounted Dreams - hopes and realities of Communuity Colleges

Big Time Losers - college sports documentary

Mapping America's Educational Progress 2008

Growing Up Online - PBS

Commission on College and Career Success Report

Teacher absences are hurting learning AP 1/17/08

Grading the States - Pennsylvania Report

Selinsgrove Area School District Board will have meeting of the Budget & Finance Committee on January 15, 2008 at 4pm in the A103 MS Multipurpose room. It will be followed by a Special Meeting 5 pm regarding revising the Intent to Assume Debt resolution and regarding the issuance of bonds for the contruction projects. The bonds were approve.

Letters to the Editor regarding the VoTech's Building project - Let's vote on it | Boards should reconsider | Tech needed

Negative calorie foods burn more calories in their digestion than they offer. Celery,
Oranges, Strawberries, Tangerines, Grapefruit, Carrot, Apricots, Lettuce, Tomatoes
Cucumbers, Watermelon, Cauliflower, Apples, Zucchini.

Dessert Challenge - use this to find how much exercise you need to burn off the calories in a dessert.
From the PA. Dept of Health WHAT MOVES U? program

Education Week’s “Quality Counts” 2008 ranked Pennsylvania above the national average on measures of educational performance and state policy.

Giving Disorganized Boys the Tools for Success

Court Revives Lawsuit Against No Child Left Behind Law 1/8/08

Congress Is Urged to Enhance 'No Child' Law
Bush Promises to Veto Any Bill That Weakens 'Accountability' of Education System

Pennsylvania releases free Career Guide resources

Welcome to William Wenrich our new Board member as of 12/3/07

Seventy-five percent of children 12 to 17 years old enrolled in school were academically “on track” (at or above the grade level for peers their age) in 2003, up 6 percentage points since 1994, according to the U.S. Census Bureau’s latest report on how kids are spending their days. US Census Bureau report A Child’s Day: 2003

School Official Works to Stop Misconduct 12/27/2007

Distance Learning Serves Maryland County's Gifted Students

"Steve Hargadon, who in his blog It's the Technology, Stupid... reminds us of where we are in the continuum of integrating technology into teaching and learning.

He says we are in the midst of "social, cultural, and scientific change" and that "The cause of this dramatic change is technological, specifically the read/write Web (or Web 2.0). It is the use of the Web as a contributor to as much as a consumer of information."

However, he also points out, "Our inability to see the larger picture of dramatic change taking place because of the Internet and the read/write Web threatens to keep us on a path of continuing to see computers as an accessory in the classroom." Gwen Solomon , Director

Property tax and Rent rebate - people 65 and older, widows and widowers age 50 and older, and people with disabilities age 18 and older can apply. Household income must be less than $35,000. Applications need to be postmarked by December 31.

Veterans Real Estate Tax Exemption Program

Pension contribution rate no gift to Pa. school districts - Pennsylvania School Employees' Retirement System adopted a rate of 4.76 percent for the fiscal year that begins July 1, citing the pension fund's improved investment performance. The current rate is 7.13 percent. The state Education Department is recommending that districts stick to the current rate. 12/2007

Pension perk assailed as 'abuse of the system' - A law lets school retirees stay on the job & collect pension

How to Make Teaching Come Alive lecture from Walter Lewin Professor of Physics MIT

Author of Costing out study reports it contains math errors that overstated funding needed. Over $6 million overcharge for Central Susquehanna region. Revised local schools report.

The Thinkers: He's taking unknown out of teaching algebra

Teacher qualifications improve in the past decade USA Today

Just Yell Fire - empowering girls to protect themselves CNN Hero winner

"Lewisburg was identified in the report as only one of six districts in the state that met both the absolute performance standard and the growth standard. Of those six schools, which included one each from Chester and Westmoreland counties and three from Allegheny County, Lewisburg was fifth in terms of per pupil spending. The district ranked fourth in spending in Central Susquehanna Intermediate Unit 16, which includes 17 districts. Overall, the district ranked 220 out of the 501 school districts in Pennsylvania in terms of per pupil spending." Standard Journal

Girls Make History by Sweeping Top Honors at a Science Contest

Colossal Waste Of Tax Dollars For Useless Education Study

Study of Classrooms for the Future's 1st Year Finds More Student Interaction, Focus on 21st Century Skills

Author: Games help children learn

Picturing the Possibilities - Integrated Curriculum

High School Renovation project list approved 8-1

U.S.News & World Report Best High Schools in US 2008 - Gold medals

Pennsylvania schools ranking

What Matters Most in Measuring

Cyber Bullying Makes CDC List mp3
Cyber Bullying with school kids has gotten so bad that even the CDC is tracking its affects. Larry and John talk to Mary Dolan, who heads Pennsylvania's bullying network on what can be done.

Your Money's Best Friend - free financial education from Pennsylvania

A Lingering Shame: Sexual Abuse of Students by School Employees ED Week

Cost study questioned - Some say education not as underfunded as reported - According to U.S. Census data PA. ranks eighth in spending per pupil. 49 school systems identified in the study were high-achieving districts that spent less in '05-06 than the study recommended. State Funding Formulas Report

Children's Learning Styles - Find out how your Child Learns Best

10 eLearning Trends

PA. Senate passes open records bill

PA. Task Force of Cost Reduction Final Report

Schools join philanthropy program

Letter to the Editor - Frivolous Spending

Costing Out Study a local look - pdf.

Proposed new Strategic Plan will be presented at the Nov. 19, 2007 Selinsgrove Board meeting
at the Middle School
Read it on district's site

Proposed VoTech referendum will be voted Nov 19th School Board meeting. Passed 8-1 The referendum question will appear on the April 2008 ballot.

Many believe school funding isn't equitable, poll finds

Solution to education woes? Private schools, vouchers - opinion

Report recommends ways to cut public school costs - Report

Taxes - Property owners (who have not already done so) should enroll their properties for the homestead and farmstead exclusions through an application to the county tax assessment office by December 31st.

Veterans Real Estate Tax Exemption Program

Group Lists Year's Most Dangerous Toys

Final report of the Costing-Out Study produced for the Department of Education. It evaluates what it will cost for each district in the state to achieve the performance on AYP.

$4.8 billion - a 28% hike - is required to remedy underfunding of many schools in Pa.

Validity of education costing out study questioned due to disparities

Nov. 14, 2007 4 pm A103 middle school - High School Renovation Proposal

Letter to the editor - Kicked Out

Studies on Pupils Call Bad Behavior Not Dooming NYT 11/13

Perkins IV Five Year State Plan - VoTech hearings Early December

4 Cyber Charter Schools Application Hearings PDE December 6

Public Libraries in the United States: Fiscal Year 2005 study

1 in 10 U.S. high schools is a ‘dropout factory’ - local graduation rates

Technology goes the distance for students

First-graders study science from the outside

Locker room addition to elementary school approved in 5-3 vote. Board defeated Common Cents cost saving study

Nov 5 - 6:30 pm - Budget & Finance committee meeting MS Library before regular Board meeting

Statewide Education Costing-Out Study Public Briefings

A $1.37 million Federal grant will pay for a nine-year study of the Pennsylvania Alternate System of Assessment, the state assessment used for students with significant cognitive disabilities.

Juniata College's four-year guarantee will apply to all incoming freshmen who enroll in the fall of 2008 pay for 4 years get fifth, if needed, free. Reports that 96% of those who graduate do so within four years.

October 30 & Nov 1 - 4:00 pm - Building & Grounds meetings A103 Regarding Selinsgrove Elementary Project

Seal Sighting October 2007 high school newsletter

Teacher Insurance Statewide coverage outlined - House Bill 1841

Study of Pennsylvania counties finds that Snyder County rates 1.86 (moderate to low risk) for social and economic conditions that put young children at a higher risk of academic failure. Summary There were 7 criteria used in determining each county considered to be at risk. Among these were the percentage of children under 5 and who are in low-income families or poverty level. Single mother families were also among the risk categories. Mothers who did not finish high school are a risk category, too. Snyder County was well below the state average of 2.49.

Keystone Award - More than 2,100 Pennsylvania schools will be honored this year with Keystone Achievement Awards. The awards are given to public schools that achieved adequate yearly progress (AYP) in the 2005-06 and 2006-07 school years. Progress is measured in part by a school's performance on the Pennsylvania System of School Assessment, the standardized test given annually to students in grades 3-8 and 11. AYP Reading - 56% achieve,| AYP Math 2005-2007 45% achieve SASD SCORES

Learn the signs of Autism | Autism Awareness

October 30 & Nov 1 - 4:00 pm - Building & Grounds meetings A103 Regarding Selinsgrove Elementary Project

College in Pennsylvania: Bring your checkbook

How one student became a Pennsylvania teacher's prey

Board mulls adding locker rooms @ $400,000 to Selinsgrove Elementary Project - the proposal is to add a 1,640-square-foot area for boys and girls locker rooms, showers and a room for referees.

Center for Disease Control answers about MSRA - Staph infections

Netsmartz411 - online help desk for parents and guardians regarding Internet issues.

Landmarks for Schools dedicated to the idea that the very nature of information is changing, practically before our eyes.

Classes for teachers: Programs aim to help instructors reach students - Selinsgrove Area School Distirct hosted programs for Art and Music Teachers, as well as Agriculture Education, too.

Improving classroom instruction is one of the key initiatives to a professional development day.

First-graders study science from the outside

Schools struggle to offer healthy lunch options - Daily Item Editorial

School Nutrition Incentive Program - Nutrition Standards for Competitive Foods in Pennsylvania Schools

Pennsylvania's 'Blue Ribbon' Schools 2007

Parent Involvement Helps Grades and Behavior

Internet Safety Program, open to the public, Selinsgrove Area Middle School 10/3/07 7pm online info

A Sum Greater Than the Parts: What States Can Teach Each Other About Charter Schooling

Task Force on School Cost Reduction to meet October 10th in Harrisburg. Final report due by the end of October 2007.

SUN Tech project might go on ballot 9/28/07

Proposed legislation would outlaw bonuses for state employees

Regional coaches and athletic administrators were stunned by the news that two of the 56 steroid labs raided Monday by federal prosecutors were located in Northeastern and Central Pennsylvania and that their main customers were high school students.

Families Learning Together free family education program has openings. Held Mon & Wed. 10am to 2pm. Call 570-374-0181 ext 143.

National Study Shows Pennsylvania Students Making Significant Academic Gains

"Truth & Choices," Shane's Story anti drug campaign

Green Schools - SASD spends over $400,000 in electricity costs each year. Through basic changes in the operations, maintenance, and individual behavior, Green Schools has achieved reductions in energy use of 5 to 15 percent among participating schools.

Little Green Schoolhouse

Selinsgrove school board mulls $10M High School project 9/24/2007

Selinsgrove school board $17.2M elementary project 9/18/2007

A+ School Rewards at Giant stores. High School - 01127, Middle School 01128, JacksonPenn 01130. Please consider supporting the schools. Thanks.

Selinsgrove Students achieve great improvement Mathematics scores 2007 | Reading & Writing 2007
Congratulations to every student who has shown growth or reached success on the PSSAs 2007. Kudos to their parents. Much is said about how important the parent is in the failure and success or their child. Success in all subjects, and in life as a whole, depends on the ability to read, to write and to use math skills to solve problems.

Senate Education Committee Approves Resolution Urges Congress To Improve No Child Left Behind

Technology Infusion Transforms Low-Performing School

Selinsgrove awarded $310,795 in Classrooms for the Future Grant

TESTING TIMES 5 years after NCLB

Toy Safety info

Going Green an Energy information series in The Daily Item

The difference a day makes All Day K

Valley Vision 2020 seeks to create a strategic action plan that provides the foundation for a coordinated approach to policy- and decision-making that will ensure that these assets will be enjoyed by future generations. Development forum

September 17th 6:30 pm Act 34 Public Hearing regarding addition and renovations to Selinsgrove Elementary at Middle School. This is the general public's opportunity to speak regarding the project. There were about 20 people at the hearing mostly staff and teachers. (Does not count Board, Administration, attorney, stenographer, architects, and the finance company officer.)

Monday, Sept. 17 is Constitution Day by law all public schools are required to teach students about the U.S. Constitution. Constitution Day is to commemorate the signing of the document on that date in 1787.

Act 1 index for 2008-09 to be 4.4%. This index used to determine the maximum tax increases for each tax the school district levies. Any proposed increase in 2008-09 school district taxes of more than 4.4% must be submitted to voters at the 2008 primary election. Selinsgrove Area School District can raise taxes 5.6% in 2008-2009 There are 10 exceptions to the limit too.

Not Autistic or Hyperactive. Just Seeing Double at Times

Census Bureau released a host of demographic data about the nation, including statistics on immigration, housing, education and employment.

Teachers and Rights Groups Oppose Education Measure - NCLB

School meals must make the grade - Wellness at SASD

Parents recruited for war on fat

Rotarians distribute free dictionaries

Requirements for Graduation - Report

Proposed Pennsylvania Graduation Competency Test subjects: Algebra I and II, geometry, English 10 and 11, Biology, chemistry, American history, civics and government.

FYI at SASD PSSA 11th grade 2007 - 52% passed math, 68.4% reading, 89.8% writing.

PA AYP Report card for SASD.

Selinsgrove Graduation Requirements Policy 217 - This policy is under consideration for revision as a part of the Strategic Plan for 2007 forward.

Speaker urges pupils to meet goals

What is Ready? What are we geting students ready for? ASBJ 9/2007

"According to Thomas Toch and Kevin Carey of Education Sector, only half of the 75 percent of high school graduates who go on to college earn degrees. ... What most observers agree on is that the United States is in the midst of a wrenching economic and societal shift that will change the way people work and live their lives. As the example of the Indian engineers illustrates, outsourcing will not be confined to low-level manufacturing jobs but will reach well into the educated sector as well.

Indeed, economist Alan S. Blinder says, it will be felt throughout the wage spectrum among occupations that are “portable” -- everything from computer programming to contract law. Brain surgeons will stay put, as will housekeepers and taxi drivers. “Architects could be endangered,” he writes, “but builders aren’t.”

The nation has weathered bigger changes before. Most notable was the shift of labor off the farm and into manufacturing during the 19th and early 20th centuries, Blinder says. “On a less dramatic level, something like a third of all Americans worked in factories around the year 1960 or 1967. … Now it’s down to 10 (percent).”"

Program to help at-risk students in Northumberland County schools

Cost of health insurance - Pennsylvania School Boards Association reports member schools spent about $1.5 billion or 8.3 percent of their budgets on health care in 2003-04, and the figure will continue growing.

PSSA, AYP Data Show Pennsylvania Student Achievement Continues to Rise

A child's obesity weighs on parents - Tackling obesity the wrong way makes matters worse. "Now, experts are worrying about the collateral damage, too: A 2006 University of Minnesota study found that 57 percent of girls and 33 percent of boys used cigarettes, fasting, or skipping meals to control their weight and that diet-pill intake by teenage girls had nearly doubled in five years. Last year, nearly 5,000 teens opted for liposuction, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons—more than three times the number in 1998, when experts first warned of a "childhood obesity epidemic." U.S. News & World Report August 2007

Spec. Education a PSSA problem

Public speaks out on property taxes _ "Assessed property values differ from county to county, and homeowners in a single school district, sometimes living within a two-mile radius of each other but across a county line, may pay disproportionate property tax rates to the school district.

Eighty-seven of Pennsylvania's 501 public school districts cross county lines. One district, the Allegheny-Clarion Valley School District, is actually in four counties; 10 are in three counties."

Later school starts gain popularity

Student protesters end suit for $35,000

Starting School Early Creates Mixed Feelings

Football captain who played through a headache risked death

All parents want their children to succeed. But knowing how to help them make smart choices and avoid pitfalls isn't always easy.

Limits on children's health program

Poverty Rate Declines Significantly

American Enterprise Institute Forum on Social and Economic Indicators CSpan

Income and Health Security Elude Many Pennsylvania Children and Families

Tax relief effort gets mixed reviews

Five-year-olds do more than color and play Beginning of All Day Kindergarten

How to Bring Our Schools Out of the 20th Century

Little or no oversight leaves school, sports groups at risk for fraud

Making Individualized Education Programs Manageable for Parents

High school reading lists get a modern makeover

Recent studies suggest that the No Child reforms may actually be working. Of the 49 states surveyed by the independent Center on Education Policy last year, 36 reported that student achievement was improving. Virtually all the 314 school districts surveyed said they were providing more instruction to low-achieving students and more professional development for teachers.

PHEAA Chief Executive Richard Willey will receive the highest bonus of more than $180,000. That’s on top of his annual salary of more than $289,000. PHEAA bonuses About 300 PHEAA employees got bonuses this year, totaling $2.5 million. Most of that money went to the top executives at the state's student loan agency.

Selinsgrove Elementary School to get $17.7M upgrade

Answering Your Frequently Asked Questions About Charter Schools

Amistad Academy Charter Schools show unpresented success - Myths about students who cannot succeed. video of Charlie Rose Show Amistad Charter School Shows the Way | Who Are We Proud to Be? Amistad Academy

The Independent Regulatory Review Commission last week approved eliminating the existing kindergarten through sixth-grade certification, and replacing it with two others: a pre-K to fourth-grade certification, and one for grades four through eight. Begins Jan. 1, 2013.

Teacher preparing for first full-time job

Solar Decathlon 2007 takes place on the National Mall in Washington D.C., October 12 - 20, 2007.
The team houses in the "solar village" are open for public tours. This is a great way to learn about energy & design

Digital Promise seeks to transform America’s education, workforce training, and lifelong learning through the development and use of revolutionary advanced information technologies.

PreK counts Grants 2007-2008

Failing Our Geniuses Time magazine Aug 2007

Davidson Academy - Profoundly gifted kids find a home

The United States has quietly withdrawn from an international study comparing math and science students. Right after Congress approved - COMPETES Promote Excellence in Technology, Education and Science) Act, which carves out a whopping $43.6 billion for science education and research.

National Survey of American Attitudes on Substance Abuse XII: Teens and Parents - Eighty percent of America’s high school students (11 million teens) and 44 percent of America’s middle school students (five million teens) have personally witnessed on the grounds of their schools: illegal drug use, illegal drug dealing, illegal drug possession, students drunk, and/or students high on drugs. At least once every week, 31 percent of high schoolers and nine percent of middle schoolers see such conduct at school. Aug 2007

What Matters for Staying On-Track and Graduating from High School? - attendance and effort are the main drivers for success.

Ten Steps to a Lower Property Tax Bill

Cyberschools meet students' special needs and goals

SASD offers advance sales of season tickets for home football games and a multisport pass.
There is also a discounted activity pass for students. Contact the high school office for more information. 372- 2230

2007 News | 2006 News

"There are two kinds of poverty in this country.
Those that do not have and those that do not know." Bill Shore of Share our Strength.