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The Presidential Awards for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching is the highest recognition that a kindergarten through 12th-grade mathematics or science teacher may receive for outstanding teaching in the United States. Pennsylvania - Anne Magaha, of Rydal West Elementary School, Rydal, PA.

Pennsylvania has a $1.5 billion deficit from 2008-09. Senate proposes using resources to pay off the deficit BEFORE moving on spending for 2009-1010. New Senate proposal @$27.4 billion. audio file.

Senate GOP Urges Action on a State Budget 7/18/09

FBI probes cyber fraud at Western Pa. school district Inquirer 7/20/09

Additional options may make state graduation test palatable post-gazette 7/20/09

There is much parents can do to help children learn Daily Item

Gov. Rendell's 2009-2010 Proposed Basic Education Funding Plan

Education No Protection from Wage Stagnation - The median wages of college-educated Pennsylvania workers fell from $24.36 per hour in 2001 to $22.42 in 2007—at 8% this is a larger decline than experienced over this period by workers with lower levels of education. State of Working Pennsylvania 2008

Three tax increases proposed by President Obama and House Democrats on the richest Americans could produce the highest tax rates in a quarter-century. USATODAY

Our Federal Stimulus dollars at work

New Tools Help Owners Get Reduced Property Valuations Wall Street Journal

State Senate Education Committee Testimony on Keystone Exam compromise plan video | audio file 7/14/09

Phillips, Fairchild Respond to Scare Tactics for School Funding 7/13/09
Republican School funding proposal | Gov Rendell education proposal

School boards group doesn't back new Pa. grad exam plan post-gazette 7/13/09

Graduation exam compromise earning mixed grades post-gazette 7/13/09

State scaling back exam required to graduate post-gazette 7/10/09

Teachers are key for students who like learning and remain curious

Dare to Drop D.A.R.E David J. Hanson, Ph.D.
"Although the Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE) program is very popular, it is completely ineffective and sometimes even counterproductive -- worse than doing nothing. That’s the conclusion of the congressional General Accounting Office (GAO), the U.S. Surgeon General, the National Academy of Sciences, and the U.S. Department of Education. The federal government prohibits schools from spending their Safe and Drug Free Schools funding on DARE."

U.S. Department of Education analysis of controlled studies comparing online and face-to-face instruction.
"The analysis showed that “blended” instruction – combining elements of online and face-to-face instruction – had a larger advantage relative to purely face to face instruction or instruction conducted wholly online. The analysis also showed that the instruction conducted wholly on line was more effective in improving student achievement than the purely face to face instruction."

The Financial and Non-Financial Factors Associated with 11th Grade Student Academic Proficiency in Math and Reading in Pennsylvania. More spending has NOT lead to better scores. Selinsgrove High has reported a decline in student PSSA scores from 8th to 11th grade. Math and English are now required in every year to bolster student success. Students who pass 11th grade PSSA for Math can choose to exempt math in 12th grade.

Pa. House panel advances online legal notices bill Selinsgrove Area School District spent over $12,000 last year putting legal notices in the local newspapers. You can use to see past legal notices. SB419 Senate version has already passed.

Senate Education Committee Reports Out Revised Higher Education Measure

SB850 Funding for schools - increase per school district

Selinsgrove Area School District raises property taxes

Pennsylvania becomes teacher 'supply state' Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

PA ranked 32nd in US for the rate of childhood obesity and overweight children. F as in Fat report
Rankings are based on the National Survey of Children's Health, a phone survey of parents with children ages 10-17 conducted in 2007 by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. (1 - was highest ranking, 51 was lowest D.C. is included.)

Cautionary note - There are several errors in the report. It states "Nineteen states now have nutritional standards for school lunches, breakfasts and snacks that are stricter than current USDA requirements." It claims PA does not have these school nutrition standards. That is wrong. PA adopted voluntary standards for school nutrition that have progressively stricter levels. The study also says that PA does not have a BMI screening program in our schools. That is wrong. Since 2004, PA requires BMI screening on an annual basis for public school children. In addition, a letter is sent home informing parents of their child's height, weight and BMI.

Pa. universities fighting for U.S. stimulus funds post-gazette

Supreme Court rejects school strip search Reuters

Online school gives Florida students another option

Use of cyber, charter schools skyrockets post-gazette

Supreme Court victory for parents of disabled students LATimes

State delays graduation exams to develop consensus post-gazette

Student Loan Sinkhole? Vital report on PBS NOW - 70 million people in US owe over $700 billion in student loans. It is critical to choose a college you can afford. Investigate the income that your chosen profession can expect at US Labor Department Occupational Outlook Handbook, before taking out costly loans.

It's hands-on creativity at Camp Invention The Daily Item

Senate OKs bill to block new Pa. graduation exams post-gazette

Unhealthful food in schools? Not so fast, Pa. legislator says
Selinsgrove Wellness Policy/Plan

Schwarzenegger eyes technology to save cash Financial Times

Push is on for a ‘common’ education standard for US schoolchildren Christian Sceince Monitor

Increase in Teen dating violence abc news

Discipline problems plummet after success of Schaeffer principal's plan

Pennsylvania joins Forty-Eight States and Territories in Common Core State Standards Initiative 6/01/09

States consider basing college funding on graduation rates instead of enrollment USA Today

4 states yet to agree to standards for academic rigor USA Today

Senate panel shoots down new Pa. graduation exams post-gazette now

Which Colleges Leave Students With the Most Debt?
Students at for-profit colleges tend to have more debt

Poll finds employers support state graduation exams post-gazette Now

Depth' Matters in High School Science Studies Ed Week

Studying science in-depth The Daily Item Selinsgrove's Science PSSA Results

Selinsgrove Area School District will receive a $794,535 grant from PennDOT Safe Routes to School Program to install sidewalks, crosswalks, and signs, and bike racks around the school campus to improve pedestrian safety.

Students studying abroad face dangers with little oversight USA Today

Federal Investigation of Schools Times Leader

Qualified juniors and seniors at high schools near Bloomsburg can take regular, for-credit university courses while still in high school to get a head start on college. Students may be able to save up to 75 percent on tuition in Bloomsburg's Advance College Experience Program. (Transfer Credit Framework )

School taxes could increase average $61 in SASD Daily Item

US News and World Report 2009 ranking of Best U.S. High Schools. 65 Pennsylvania high schools made the list. Lewisburg High School was ranked silver. No other local area high school made the list. What Makes a 'Best High School'?

Laurelton Elementary School in running for select award

New Math Teachers share Recession Pain - Teachers forego raises to help their communities and their schools. New York Times

The Future of Work - Time magazine

RMU faculty to forgo salary increase to boost student aid

Students present penguin research Daily Item

Public Information - When you attend a school board meeting, you can obtain many financial documents, district proposals, district plans, and reports. This important information is provided to the board members before each meeting. In the interest of informing the community, these public documents are now being posted online, in the school district's web site, after each meeting. The agendas (without any addendum) and minutes for each meeting have been posted online for several years. See: All Bills Lists online Your right to know information at Selinsgrove Area School District.

Contractual Information | Financial Info | Committee Reports | Yearly Financials

New web site for school & school district test results PSSA/NCLB

Teacher pension 'tsunami' expected across Pennsylvania May 3, 2009 TribLive

Sen. Gordner's Proposal would allow nonpublic school students to take part in their home districts' sports and extracurricular activities. Read the bill SB624. By Pennsylvania law: home school and charter school students can participate in athletics and extracurriculars at the local public school.
SASD Policies - Home School students 137.1 | Charter school Cyber school students 140.1

Students get grounded in the garden

Group effort puts home-schooled kids on stage May 18, 2009

Academy uses hands-on methods to teach students science, math

In The New Meaning of Educational Change (Teachers College Press, 1991), Michael Fullan laments, “Nothing has promised so much and has been so frustratingly wasteful as the thousands of workshops and conferences that led to no significant change in practice when teachers returned to their classrooms.”

"Sexting" Discussed in Selinsgrove" PAHomePage

Lawyers in the Classroom Project give students an appreciation for the law

A Radical Fix For Schools?

Pa. lags behind on taxing updates Pittsburgh Post Gazette

The Phoenix and the Phoenixville Area School District have teamed up to bring you The Purple Press, a blog created by the students of the Phoenixville Area School District! The school newspaper online

Pa. Releases Newest Property Tax Relief Numbers WGAL Selinsgrove Area School District will be approximately the same as last year. In 2008 SASD got $664,818.06. In 2009 SASD will get $662,566.12. The money will be divided among all eligible households. This amount is deducted from your tax bill. By law, qualifying farmers can get both a farmstead rebate & a homestead rebate - twice the homestead amount.

New Web Tool to Check Status of Property Tax/Rent Rebates - The rebate program benefits eligible Pennsylvanians who are age 65 and older; widows and widowers age 50 and older; and people with disabilities age 18 and older. A 2006 program expansion increased the income limit from $15,000 to $35,000 (which excludes half of Social Security income. If your Social Security income is up to $70,000, you may still qualify.) for homeowners and raises the maximum standard rebate for both homeowners and renters from $500 to $650.

Students fix newspaper vending boxes The Daily Item

As College-Bound Pennsylvanians Seek Financial Aid, Remedial Courses Add to Higher Education Costs - Local remediation rates.

Pa. school-consolidation legislation introduced

The School Board meeting on April 20, 2009 will be held in the Intermediate School Cafeteria due to the music concert at the MS. The School Board meeting begins at 7:30pm. Also the Policy & Education Committee MEeting will be held in the Intermediate School Principal's office at 6:30pm.

International Benchmarking Toolkit is a resource for citizens, parents, taxpayers, state policymakers, school district officials, principals and classroom teachers.

The National Science Foundation worked with NASCAR to produce a 12 module science video series that teaches the science and engineering principles underlying NASCAR racing. Called, The Science of Speed, engages students in critical thinking and problem solving activities using exciting and real-world situations.

College Athletes' Success Not So Hot Off Court NPR
NCAA Graduation Rates

Visually impaired turn to computers, other device

Pa. education in race for share of $5B - "U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan announced Wednesday his plan to offer a "Race to the Top" bonus fund for the states that put their federal stimulus funds to use in the best way."

Pa.: New stats better gauge student achievement Philly Inquirer

"This year, close to 250 more schools across the state - about 28 percent of those that did not meet the standards last year - could achieve the proficiency levels, based on projections from 2008 scores.

The increase would not be the result of academic progress, however, but would come from a new statistical method of calculating test results that provides other benefits as well by helping educators analyze student and school performance in more in-depth ways.

For the first time this year, schools will get credit for meeting state standards if statistical projections of students' test results show enough improvement in coming years, even if the children are not performing at grade level now. Fifteen states use similar systems."

Tax cuts from slots revenue aren't a sure bet The Patriot-News

Schools dig into stimulus arithmetic

Program flexes reading muscles The Daily Item

Costs stymie steroid testing The Daily Item

School board OKs zone The Daily Item March 17, 2009.

Districts may shift Sun Tech funding The Daily Item March 17, 2009.

Should kids spend more time in school? Lancaster Online
More local educators favor extended academic year over longer school day — both new ideas pitched by Obama.

100 Best Value Colleges for 2009 from USA Today

College study finds two-year 'penalty' USA Today "A study being released today shows that people with a bachelor's degree who transferred from a community college earn less than those who start at a four-year school. The pattern continues even for community college students who go on to earn a doctorate or a professional degree. And it holds for people of the same gender, race, education, experience level, field of study and type of college attended."

Advanced students left behind, critics say Post Gazette

State colleges get look as good value Philadelphia Inquirer

"State schools cost less than half the price of many private schools. The average annual cost of tuition, room, and board at the 14 schools in the Pennsylvania state system is $13,794. That compares with price tags pushing $50,000 at some private schools." Dual Enrollment adds great lowest cost courses | Dual Enrollment and AP course save a year of costs

Where Education and Assimilation Collide New York Times

PA Stimulus Money for Schools - What can we do? What should we do?

Obama maps school reforms Post Gazette Speech on CSPAN archive

Is Anybody Listening? A testament by Village Academy High School students on the economic crisis, mentioned by President Obama in his education speech on March 10.

CSPAN Student Cam winners 2009

The “Serve and Save” website, was developed to provide information to the general public who may be interested in a career in Emergency Medical Services. The “Serve and Save” website is at Please contact the high school guidance office for more information.

High school newsletter February 2009

Bullying, Hazing, and Harassment Resources - PA Department of Education

Cyberbullying program at SAMS 3/9/09 6pm free - parents, community members and students
Online radio program - WKOK Roundtable program

Ten Steps for Families to Stop Cyber Bullying | Stop Bullying Now |

State's records law prompts unusual requests Post Gazette

John Bohn at SUN-Tech retiring The Daily Item

Stalemate broken on school tests Philly Inquirer Now to be called Keystone Exams

Dr. Johnson has reversed the meal policy. No child will be denied a lunch.

Short funds, pupils still get lunch The Daily Item 3/6/09

Lunch worker rejects hungry student The Daily Item, Food Service Dept information at SASD

Drexel to fund its own Computing Academy governor's school Post Gazette

Governor: Stimulus money will aid schools The Daily Item

EPA: Air tests near schools a priority USA Today

City schools flunk weighted grade system Post Gazette

No chance to fail for student readers The Daily Item % of Selinsgrove Students on grade level for reading

Brainfest challenges problem-solving skills The Daily Item

Taxpayers must ante up The Daily Item

Educators clash over graduation exam idea The Daily Item

Only 5% of the participating districts use assessments that both align to state standards and represent practices
that could be considered valid measures of proficiency.

School boards group calls to reduce 'unfunded mandates' The Post Gazette

Pennsylvania Governor Rendell Teaches Online Class to High School Students Statewide

New teaching approach gives Shikellamy pupils active role The Daily Item

Bullying of teenagers online is common, UCLA psychologists report

Mechanicsburg approves dollars for online courses

Toddlers connect the dots when parents gesture and talk, boosting tots' later vocabulary

Commentary: Free trade has sold out the American worker

Most schools in Pa. underfund special education (private study download) Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Special Report: Education / STEM Post-Gazette Feb. 10, 2009 "The biggest barrier I think we face in STEM as a nation is a cultural belief that only some kids can really learn math and science to high levels," said Dr. Bunt. "That's a belief that is rooted in a lot of old information. It's tied up in some ways to the misunderstanding that the population still has that intelligence is fixed. We know that intelligence is learned. You can increase your intelligence through effort and through learning .." Dr. Nancy Bunt, Math & Science Collaborative at Allegheny Intermediate Unit.

"An analysis of 200 STEM occupations showed they had a median hourly pay -- counting benefits -- of about $8 an hour above that of other fields, $24.76 compared with the state median of $16.70 for all occupations. STEM fields also are growing faster in Pennsylvania, 12 percent a year, compared to 7 percent for non-STEM jobs." Sue Mukherjee

School district consolidation can be put to test - former school business manager and author explains pluses

Merging districts may be a mixed bag - "In Pennsylvania, more than 40 percent of the state's school districts enroll fewer than 2,000 students each. More than 80 percent enroll fewer than 5,000.

A June 2007 study by Standard & Poor's for the Pennsylvania Legislative Budget and Finance Committee supports Duncombe's and Yinger's findings. The study concentrated on 88 school districts with enrollments below 3,000 that had higher than average per-pupil spending, including the Weatherly Area School District in Carbon County. The study concluded that a merger between Weatherly and Jim Thorpe Area School District could save as much as $2.5 million a year, based on their 2004 spending levels. Pairing 34 districts could save $81 million, it said."

At Parkland, other school districts, more students learning online

Online courses offered at Central Pennsylvania College - SASD students can take them for nearly free through Dual enrollment!

PERSONAL FINANCE How Worried Should You Be? Newsweek

Pennsylvania Value-Added Assessment System Evaluating Growth, Projecting Performance

Please consider running for the Board. Contact the Elections Board at the Snyder County Courthouse to obtain the petitions you will need to circulate to get on the Primary Ballot. If you have questions about running or serving on the Board, I will be happy to assist you. Jan 28, 2009

Thousands of PA students require remediation in college to succeed. Per the report during the 2007-08 school year alone Selinsgrove Area School District 85 graduates attended college in Pa, 21 or 25% received remediation, State costs $9,604, local costs $1,326, student costs $12,846.

Southmoreland students investigated for 'sexting' Pittsburgh PostGazette Jan 27, 2009

Proposed stimulus bill estimates millions to school districts across Pennsylvania PDF with $$

Search On for Best & Brightest - apply

I will not be seeking reelection to the board this year. There are several board members who are not seeking reelection.

Challenging Assumptions About Online Predators WashingtonPost

10 stories behind Dr. Seuss stories CNN

Study Sees an Obama Effect as Lifting Black Test-Takers NYT

In School for the First Time, Teenage Immigrants Struggle NYT

New Higher Education Data Shows Thousands of Pennsylvania High School Graduates Head to College Unprepared
"One-third of recent Pennsylvania high school graduates who enroll in a state-owned university or community college are not prepared for college-level math or English and must enroll in a remedial course, according to data released this week by the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE). According to PDE, almost 20,000 students a year must take remedial coursework at a cost of more than $26 million annually. Students incurred about $12.8 million of the additional coursework costs – an average of $1,300 per student – with the remainder paid by taxpayers." per EPLC

College Cash - advice

The Federal Bailout Plan for Schools US News and World Report

Best High Schools Send Students to Science Semifinals US News and World Report

Schools incorporate inauguration into studies | Inauguration Day Lesson Plans from PDE

More for Less - INSIDE HIGHER ED
"Most college students are carrying a greater share of the cost of their education, even as institutions spend less on teaching them, according to the Delta Project on Postsecondary Education Costs, Productivity and Accountability. The report found that between 2002 and 2006, average tuition at public research universities increased by nearly 27% or $1,419, but the spending on each student only went up by 1%, or $149."
“The public’s got it exactly right,” said Jane Wellman, head of the Delta Project. “They are jacking up tuition, and they’re not re-investing it in quality.”

Strong Leaders, Strong Achievement: Model Policy for Producing the Leaders to Drive Student Success

Senate Education Secretary Nomination Hearing, Arne Duncan - CSPAN online video

Lead Doesn't Just Damage Children's Brains
Study shows adults exposed to lead are prone to memory loss and learning problems after age 55.

New rules credit underachieving students for making progress Post-Gazette Jan 13, 2009

Many issues for high school drop outs The Daily Item January 11, 2009.

Solving dropout problem will require mutual resolve The Daily Item editorial

Masterman Julia R Secondary School - Top school in Pennsylvania - 5th-12th
98.6% Reading proficiency, 99% Math proficiency, 11th grade Science 86.8%
18.9% Poverty, 20% single parent household, 81.4% parents are high school grads.

Benchmarking for Success: Ensuring U.S. Students Receive a World-class Education” Governors Association Report

Obama's Education Wish List May Have To Wait NPR

No Child Left Behind: A Closer Look

Academic Relevance Becomes Top Priority - The “three R’s” stand for reading, ‘riting, and ‘rithmetic, of course. Now, West Virginia, the leader in the push to integrate the 21st-century skills of technological literacy, critical thinking, and analytical ability into teaching, has added a fourth: relevance.

National Report Card Shows Gap Between PA Graduation Rates and Success after High School

Princeton Review - 100 Best Value Colleges 2009 USA Today

Kids reveal a lot about themselves online USA Today

Thinking Maps help students organize and remember information

School Counts program - Young people need to know that there is a correlation between working hard in school and finding a job-whether that job is in a Fortune 500 company or in the stockroom or a local retail store.

A Rise in Efforts to Stop Youth Dating Abuse New York Times

Kitchen Chemistry for Middle Schoolers New York Times Video

Innovative Minds Don’t Think Alike New York Times

In Several States, A Push to Stem Cyber-Bullying Washington Post Jan 1, 2009 Bullying/CyberBullying policy

SAT Changes Policy, Opening Rift With Colleges New York Times

Ohio's pre-kindergarten through 12th-grade education system has improved from the middle of the pack (compared to other states) to being ranked seventh in the nation.

Wanted: More science and math teachers in the US Christian Science Monitor

Coins add up: Pupils raise $2,300 for United Way The Daily Item

Payments to school retirement system set to soar Pittsburgh Post Gazette

GOP vows to fight Rendell's planned 'competency' tests

The Parent-Teacher Talk Gains a New Participant New York Times

Cumberland Valley students click to answer

Game Commission expands schools free tree seedlings program - How to participate

Kids engineer fun at Penn State Post Gazette 12/26/08

Commonwealth Policy Brief- PSEA

State of American Education CSPAN 1pm 12/23/08 Summit at Aspen Institute

Auditor General Faults DEP for Administrative Deficiencies in Classrooms for the Future - Audit report text

Striking Against Students - Why Pennsylvania leads the nation in teacher walkouts. Washington Post 12/22/08

Influential Groups Lay Out Road Map for Improving U.S. Education
A report urges states to adopt common standards so Americans can compete with other nations' students US News and World Report 12/20/2008

"Benchmarking for Success: Ensuring U.S. Students Receive a World-Class Education, raises a growing concern for the United States. American companies that once outsourced only low-skilled jobs to developing countries are now also exporting research jobs. If the United States wants to keep those jobs at home, the authors of the report say the government should focus more resources on education and import best practices from top-performing countries." Singapore, world leader in math and science achievement, is benchmarking.

Will Arne Duncan Shake Up America's Schools? Time

Southern Columbia tries 4 day school week The Daily Item 12/15/08

Spending per student: Money doesn’t buy grades The Daily Item 12/14/08

State science test shows work needed The Daily Item 12/11/08 - SASD - Science Results

6 in 10 Pennsylvania High School Students Fail PSSA Science Test - Region's HS Results

The high cost of bad behavior morning call report on Alternative education for disruptive students

Check out the Selinsgrove Area School District's online calendars for dates and times of holiday concerts.

High school final exams could replace current tests - opinion DEP Dr Zahorchek

Whiteboards address individual student needs TechLearning

Free Learn Japanese online from iKnow

Lewisburg Area High School in nation's top 3% The Daily Item 12/10/08

Study Calls for Tightly Tying School Funding to Strategic Goals
When school systems spend more money on wealthy students than they do on poor students,
more money on electives than on core academic courses, and more on Advanced Placement classes than on remedial instruction, the education finance system is out of kilter.

Wages in the Nonprofit Sector: Occupations Typically Found in Educational and Research Institutions BLS

Math Gains Reported for U.S. Students New York Times 12/9/08

“It was good to see that the United States has made some progress in math, but I was surprised by the magnitude of the gap between us and the highest performing Asian countries, and that should cause us some concern,” said Ina V. S. Mullis, co-director of the Boston College center. “It’s an extraordinary tribute to their school systems that those countries have nearly half of all students performing at the advanced level.”

U.S. News and World Report - 2008 High School Rankings

"Only one of Pennsylvania's 679 high schools was rated among the nation's top 100 and our overall high school ranking trails 15 competitor states, including New Jersey, New York, Massachusetts, California, Virginia, Illinois, Maryland and Florida. These are states where our students need to compete for jobs and college acceptance." Gov Ed Rendell

Auditor General Jack Wagner criticizes school safety monitoring PostGazette Report

At school: Volunteer reading tutors get high-grade results - PostGazette

ChapelHaven - residential program to assist in gaining indepemdence.

High Achievers and NCLB study

William Shakespeare's "The Merchant of Venice" on PCN. airs Friday, December 5 at 9 p.m.
A re-air is scheduled for Monday, December 8, at 11am.

Retirement funds for state employees & teachers are having a dismal '08 - PostGazette 12/4/08

Influence of corporate money on study of nutrition questioned

Tree Fest of Children's Books 2008 begins Dec 5th

Obama-Biden Transition Project - all policy documents from official meetings with outside organizations will be publicly available for review and discussion on

Right To Know law goes into effect Jan 1, 2009. Gives citizens access to the vast majority of public records.
PCN Call In show Nov 20, Open records
| Full Disclosure open records

SASD Records Policies:

800 - Records Management
800-AR-1 - Records Retention Schedule
800-AR - Records Management
801 - Public Records
801-AR - Exempted Records
801-AR-1 - Disclosure/Production of Certain Records
801-AR-2 - Fees for Public Records Requests
830 - Breach of Computerized Personal Information
216 - Student Records
216.1 - Supplemental Dicipline Records
216.2 - Confidentiality of Educational Records of Exceptional Students

Costly KOZ? Law would force residents to pay Cherokee's taxes The Daily Item Nov 28, 2008

Spirit of the season in Selinsgrove The Daily Item Nov 25, 2008

Alabama to require high school students to pass one online course to graduate starting next year.

Knowledge @ Wharton offers information on a variety of topics, including marketing, strategy, leadership, innovation and executive education. Knowledge@Wharton High School (KWHS), to kick off in February 2009, will be a free biweekly site offering articles, videos, podcasts, business-related learning simulations and interactive tools targeted to high school students as well as teachers.

Bus drivers honored for accident-free records The Daily Item Nov 23, 2008

"The genius of Americans is that we are more a pragmatic people than an ideological people." Jack Quinn.
"We measure ourselves by results.


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