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Academic Standards & Science test results 2008 This is the first year the state is reporting the science test results.

"The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking
we were at when we created them." Albert Einstein

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posted 12/10/08

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Pennsylvania State Standards Assessment - PDE reporting site | College Remediation rates: PDF

Before you consider these test results, ask yourself...
What percentage of our students do you believe are on grade level in Science, Technology, Ecology & Environment studies?

The Advanced, Proficient, Basic and below Basic levels were set by the Pennsylvania Department of Education along with Pennsylvania's public education teachers. Proficient scores are on grade level. Advanced scores exceed that expectation. Basic and below basic are below grade level scores. Pennsylvania adopted Academic Standards for Science & Technology as well as Ecology and Environment on January 5, 2002. The curriculum must be aligned to the Pennsylvania Academic Standards. This allows SASD students to have the best opportunity to succeed on the PSSAs.

SASD Science PSSA scores 2008 - Go to Science 2009 scores

2008 Pennsylvania Science Test Scores Report - 6 in 10 Pennsylvania High School Students Fail PSSA Science Test

SASD 4th grade PSSA Science scores Test given Spring 2008 Kids are now in 5th grade.

gold star 2008 - SAIS 93.3% on grade level or better - State 81.5% successful

48.2% of SAIS 4th graders scored Advanced!
40.3% PA 4th graders scored Advanced.

Reading 08 on grade level or better Math 08
76.2% Advanced - 36.8% 92.7% - Advanced 67.5%
in 3rd grade - 78.5% Adv 23.9% in 3rd grade - 90.8% Advanced 53.4%

62 schools in Pennsylvania had fourth grades with 100% on grade level in Science. - Philadelphia Inquirer


SASD 8th grade PSSA Science scores Test given Spring 2008. These pupils are now in 9th grade.

2008 - SAMS 60.2% on grade level or better - State 52.7%

13.8% scored Advanced
16.3 % of all 8th graders in PA scored Advanced.

SAMS 8th graders are ranked 9th out of 19 IU16 middle schools

Reading 08 on grade level or better Math 08
84.3% - Adv - 57.8% 85.6% - Advanced 53.8%
in 7th grade 89.4% - Adv 62.1% in 7th grade 82.8% - Advanced 59.9%

The highest-performing eighth grade, Charles F. Patton Middle in the Unionville Chadds Ford District, 89.9% of students scored proficient and advanced. Philadelphia Inquirer


SASD 11th grade PSSA Science scores Test given Spring 2008

2008 - SAHS 40.3% on grade level or better - State - 35.7%

12.4% of SAHS 11th graders scored Advanced.
10.5% of all 11th graders in Pennsylvania scored Advanced.

SAHS seniors are ranked 8th out of 18 IU16 high schools (CSIU Cyber school included)

Reading 08 on grade level or better Math 08
69% - Adv - 32.6% 60.3% - Advanced 28%
in 8th grade 68% in 8th grade 68%

The highest-performing 11th grade, Julia R. Masterman in Philadelphia, 86.8 % Philadelphia Inquirer

Science not the best subject for American students - Pittsburgh Post Gazette

The STEM Initiative develops and deploys statewide strategies and resources designed
to enhance the Commonwealth’s education and workforce development efforts targeted at the development of a globally competitive science, technology, engineering and mathematics
. STEM - Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics.

STEM Jobs the present & future | STEM Ed Coalition Objectives | Pennsylvania's STEM Initiative

Where’s the 'T' in STEM? - Education Week | States vary in classroom access to computers in school.

The National Science Teachers Association is discouraged by the results of the 2007 Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS). Science scores for both fourth and eighth grade students have remained flat since 1995 and scores for minority students are dismal.

Science and Engineering Indicators 2008 | "STEM" occupations and job growth

Wages in architecture and engineering occupations by sector - BLS report

STEM Occupations Are High Wage, High Growth

Study Calls for Tightly Tying School Funding to Strategic Goals
When school systems spend more money on wealthy students than they do on poor students, more money on electives than on core academic courses, and more on Advanced Placement program classes than on remedial instruction, the education finance system is out of kilter.

I have advocated for greater rigor and additional instruction in core curriculum subjects including science.

Passing to Participate - I believe students should be accountable for their studies and their behavior. A score of proficient or advanced on the PSSAs should be expected in reading, math, writing and science. Those students with IEPs (individual education plans) will have expectations adjusted to their abilities.

I believe in standardized testing as one effective measure of the quality of the education being provided in the district.
Our district should work to be in the top third of schools in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.
Ideally, our goal should be to achieve Blue Ribbon Schools status.

Pennsylvania State Standards Assessment - PDE reporting results site by district and by school since 1995