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Academic Standards & Standardized testing 2008-2009 - our students ARE ACHIEVING.

I believe in standardized testing as one effective measure of the quality of the education being provided in the district.
Our district should work to be in the top third of schools in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.
Ideally, our goal should be to achieve Blue Ribbon Schools status.

Pennsylvania State Standards Assessment - PDE reporting results site by district and school since 1995

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Cynthia J. O'Hora
100 Stetler Ave,
Shamokin Dam, PA 17870

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Selinsgrove Area School District Report Cards:

2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, Special Education Report, 2008, 2009

Pennsylvania State Standards Assessment - PDE reporting site | College Remediation rates: PDF

Before you consider these test results, ask yourself...
What percentage of our students do you believe are at grade level in math?

AYP - Adequate Yearly Progress is the level (benchmark) set by the Federal government's No Child Left Behind Act
and the Pennsylvania Department of Education along with Pennsylvania's public education teachers.
It is the percentage of children who will be on grade level or better.

2009 PSSA School Test Results and Rankings in Pennsylvania Morning Call

SASD Math PSSA scores 2001-2009 - Reading 2009 | Science 2009

Reading Scores 2008 | Science 2008 | College Remediation rates: PDF

In 2008 - 2010 AYP for Math is 56% of students successful in Math (on grade level).
In 2011 - 67% is the AYP. In 2012 - 78%.
AYP benchmark for Math 2001-2004
(AYP was 35% on grade level) in 2005 - 2007 AYP was 45%

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SASD 11th grade PSSA Math scores percentage of students scoring proficient or better
2001-2004 (AYP - 35%) in 2005 (AYP - 45%) in 2008 - 2010 AYP is 56%

gold star 2009 - SAHS 66.8% - State Avg. 56% (AYP - 56%)

32.4% of SAHS 11th graders scored Advanced.
25.7% of all 11th graders in Pennsylvania scored Advanced.

Selinsgrove Area High School ranks 4th in IU16 school districts.

Top PA 11th grades: Julia R. Masterman School 99% on grade level,
Central High School 98%, Unionville High School 91.7%, Upper St. Clair HS 90.7%

28 PA High Schools achieved over 80% of 11th graders on grade level

106 PA High Schools achieved over 70% of 11th graders on grade level


gold star 2008 - SAHS 60.3% - State Avg. 56% (AYP - 56%)

28% of SAHS 11th graders scored Advanced.
25.9% of all 11th graders in Pennsylvania scored Advanced.

SAHS seniors are ranked 6th out of 18 IU16 schools (CSIU Cyber school included)

2007 - SAHS 52.7% - State Avg. 53.7% (AYP - 45%)

25.7% of SAHS 11th graders scored Advanced.

SAHS 11th grade's results are mid range in the 17 IU16 school districts

2006 - SAHS 48.3% - State Avg 52%, IU16 Avg 52.43

Lewisburg's 67.8% is top in IU16. In PA - GAR Memorial High School is top score 90.4%

25% of SAHS 11th graders scored Advanced. 28% of 11th graders in PA scored Advanced.

2001 - 48.8% 2004 - 47.1% State Avg 49.1% 2007 - 52.7% State Avg 53.7%
2002 - 49.4% 2005 - 48.9% State Avg 51% 2008 - 60.3%, State Avg. 56%
2003 - 41.4% State Avg 49.1% 2006 - 48.3% State Avg 52% 13th in IU16 2009 - 66.8% - State Avg. 56%

2005 - 48.9% State Avg 51%

SASD is ranked 6th in the 12 school IU 16 in 11th grade math. Lewisburg is top with 67.1%

Tredyffrin-Easton was the state's top scorer with 88.8 % of their 11th graders scoring proficient or better.

2009 - The high school has revised the mathematics curriculum to build a process founded on student success. All students will be taking Algebra1. Students require 4 years adn credits in math to graduate. Those who had Algebra1 in middle school will be pointed to geometry and Algebra 2. Students who score proficient or better on the 11th grade math PSSA my exempt math in the 12th grade. Studnets who strggle with algebra will take a whole year course. Others may chose a 1/2 year math course.

2008 - The Board has raised expectations for our children. New Athletic and Extracurricular grade policies. The High School is providing stronger assistance to all struggling students. Students will take math each year.

In 1999, Pennsylvania adopted Academic Standards for Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening and Mathematics. Science standards were approved on January 5, 2002. The curriculum must be aligned to the Pennsylvania Academic Standards. This allows SASD students to have the best opportunity to succeed on the PSSAs.

I have supported purchasing new math textbooks for the high school and a math supplimentary online math practice program. Intermediate School and Middle School students can use this program in school or at home to practice their math skills. I am pleased to report that many students like the software and even choose to work ahead in math!

I have advocated for greater rigor and additional instruction in core curriculum subjects including mathematics. Effective with the Class of 2011 - four years of math are required for graduation with an exception for students who score proficient or better on the PSSAs their 11th grade year. Students will be expected to take algebra 1 and geometry. In order to support students retaining mathematics skills they will take at least one math class per year. A math coach is in place in the high school.

2009 - I supported rewriting the math curriculum at the High School to offer full year Algebra for students. I support requiring students who are not successful in 8th grade PSSA to take the whole year algebra courses.

I advocated for offering a personal finance course at the high school and for making it a requiremnt for graduation.

I support the implementation of the state Graduation Competency Assessments for Algebra and Geometry and for Science.

I support the senior early dismissal for students who are proficient or advanced in Math and Reading.

Passing to Participate - I believe students should be accountable for their studies and their behavior. A score of proficient or advanced on the PSSAs should be expected in reading, math, writing and science. Those students with IEPs (individual education plans) will have expectations adjusted to their abilities.

No Common Denominator: The Preparation of Elementary Teachers in Mathematics

"The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking
we were at when we created them." Albert Einstein

posted 9/7/09