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My goals: Transparency in Government

I will use this web site and other methods to keep the voters informed about the District and issues in Education.
I will also encourage the District to make use of their web site to keep the community informed. School related News

Newspaper week reminds us of need for openness in government Daily Item Editorial


Proposed new Strategic Plan will be presented at the Nov. 19, 2007 Selinsgrove Board meeting
at the Middle School
Read it on district's site

Proposed VoTech referendum will be voted Nov 19th School Board meeting

Nov. 14, 2007 4 pm A103 middle school - High School Renovation Proposal

Register to vote - Oct. 9, 2007 is the last day for U. S. Citizens/ PA residents to register for the Nov 2007 election.
You may still register for the April 2008 Primary.

Proposals regarding the renovations and building projects at Selinsgrove Elementary and the High School are available at the Selinsgrove Community Library. They also have a set of agendas and minutes of regular board meetings for the past several years.

Act 34 - Taj Mahal Act - Hearing regarding renovations at Selinsgrove Elementary. September 17, 6:30 pm A 103 Middle School. The hearing is prescribed under state Act 34, it is a chance for the public to voice its thoughts on the school board plan to renovate & expand Selinsgrove Elementary School. Proposed cost $17.7 million. Includes renovations and new gym.


Wellness Policy

The Federal Government required every district to develop a Wellness Policy that covers food served or sold at the school and physical activities provided. Each school district's policy is unique. SASD Wellness Policy | SASD Food Service Policy

Does SASD prohibit class parties? NO.

Does SASD prohibit birthday cupcakes? NO.

Wellness Program info


Creating a school-community culture of Learning


11/7/06 - I proposed the Board be proactive in advertising the November 20, 2006 meeting - EI Asscotiates will make a presentation regarding the Elementary Building project.

10/2006 I circulated over 100 school district surveys that asked how well SAHS is doing in meeting specific needs.

7/11/06 - At the Policy and Education Committee meeting, I advocated for all Extracurriculars and athletics programs that are offered to be listed on the website. I proposed this information include links to relevant policies, forms, and important dates so that all students and the community has easy access to this information.

I asked that the proposed budget be available on the website.

4/18/06 - I requested the school calendar for 2006-2007 be posted in the district's web site to facilitate future planning for families and organizations. It is now available. 4/28/06

3/2006 - I requested the Board provide a copy of the Selinsgrove Board of Directors Referendum Resolution for the community

Old Announcements

Local Tax Study Commission Public Hearing Meeting - Thursday November 16 at 7:00 PM in Room A103 in the Middle School. Call Jeff Hummel, Business Manager, if you have any questions. (372-2209)

Nov 20, 2006 - 7:30 pm - Regular meeting - EI Asscotiates will make a presentation regarding the Elementary Building project.



Policies - all the district's approved policies should be available online. Draft policies should be posted, when they are under consideration, with draft clearly labeled on them.

All forms should be provided online (preferably in pdf format) so the community can access them.

The release of important information should be timely.

Announcements of all public Board meetings, including Committee meetings, should be posted in the District online Calendar and in the School Board section of the web site, 3 days in advance of the meeting. The agendas should be available in advance of the meeting. Public committee meeting minutes should be available online.

SASD Board has a policy on how the public may address the Board at a meeting. Approved 12/2005 rules for Board Meetings. Contact the main office (374-1144 - Enter 8 for administration, enter 1) for a printed copy.

School-wide reports on standardized testing including Terra Nova and PSSA scores should be placed online within 30 days of their receipt. A section should provide all PSSA reports the district has received.

Reports of the number of students achieving 3 or better on AP courses should be reported for all AP classes along with the number of students taking the course. The graduation rate and drop out rate should also be included in the disclosure.

The Preliminary Budget should be placed online one month prior to its approval. The Finalized Budget should be posted online.

The full Strategic Plan and any modifications should be posted online and kept current.

All information that is required to be posted within the buildings or sent home should also be available in the website.

Building Public Info Bulletin Board - I will propose a bulletin board be posted at the main entrance to each school building. This would be specifically used for school announcements, calendars, district report card, building report cards, PSSA charts that show the history of the scores the students have achieved, and all government mandated information.

I believe the Board's current contract offer to the Teacher's Union should be available online. Several Pennsylvania school district boards have been open in the process. Dover School District, Carlise Area School District, Central Bucks School District, Pennsbury School District, Saucon Valley School District



The amount of student information automatically released should be very narrow in focus and compliant with laws and regulations. Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act - Students' and their parents' email address should not be released.

The Selinsgrove Area School District currently releases the following personal information unless the parent prohibits them from doing so in writing:

Student's Name


Telephone listing

Electronic mail address - discontinued


Date and Place of birth

Grade level

Participation in officially recognized activities & sports

Weight and height of members of athletic teams

Degrees, honors, and awards received

The most recent educational agency or institution attended

Major field of study

Dates of attendance


Federal laws require local educational agencies (LEAs) receiving assistance under the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965 to provide military recruiters, upon request, with three directory information categories - names, addresses and telephone numbers - unless parents have advised the LEA that they do not want their student's information disclosed without their prior written consent.


"There was a time in American schools when knowledge came almost exclusively from textbooks and teachers. From them, students learned what they needed to know to get jobs in the factories and workplaces of the industrial age. That time has passed. There's been an explosion of information in the world, more information than anyone could help to learn in a lifetime, more than a teacher can teach, so now students need to know where to find that information, how to access it, and how to use it." Michael Lemonick


Old announcements:

The Proposed Budget will be discussed at the June 5 Board mtg which begins at 7:30 pm in the Middle School. You can obtain a copy of the 2006-2007 Propsed Budget by contacting the district main office at 372-2201. The public is invited to attend all meetings of the board. Public Comments.

The 2006-2007 Budget will be finally approved at the June 26 School Board meeting which begins at 7:30 pm in the Middle School.


Board Committee Meeting of the Whole will be held January 11, 2006 7 pm in the library of Selinsgrove Elementary School to discuss the issues regarding All Day Kindergarten. Please feel free to attend and share your views.

The agenda will include discussions of a spectrum of options from continuing with the kindergarten program as is, providing All Day K with current buildings, providing All Day K with renovations to buildings, and building a new building in a different location.

updated 5/25/07

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