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Posted 7/18/06 utd 10/12/07

SASD Wellness Policy

School Nutrition Incentive Program - Nutrition Standards for Competitive Foods in Pennsylvania Schools

What are the facts in the Selinsgrove Schools?

Trans fats are not used .

Bottled water is available in all schools

Parents can control their child's purchases through the food service card. Contact your school

Both Lunch and Breakfast are served.

Fresh fruit is served daily.

Soda is not available during the school day.

100% fruit juice is available as a choice, as well as, low fat milk

Special accommodations are made for unique nutrition needs.

The district abides by the standards set by Federal law.

Nutrition information about meals is available from the Food Service Department. Contact Kevin Oswald

I do not support adopting the stringent rules set out in the Nutrition Standards for Competitive Foods in Pennsylvania Schools 10/11/07

Why? SASD would be required to eliminate food fundraisers. We would be required to minimize food at class parties. We would have to reduce serving sizes of meals. Please see Nutrition Standards for Competitive Foods in Pennsylvania Schools

I believe the community is better served when the district uses its resources to address critical academic issues and in supporting children in achieving academic success. I question why districts are being required to "encourage" parents to pay for school breakfast and lunch, when they choose to provide breakfast at home and pack a lunch. I believe parents are capable of monitoring the child's nutrition. They are responsible for modifying it as they see fit.

Schools struggle to offer healthy lunch options - Daily Item Editorial

PA House Education Committee - School Nutrition Standards testimony HB908 - 5/3/07

I was pleased to participate in developing the new Wellness Policy for the Selinsgrove Area School District. As a part of this policy, SASD now has a School Health Council. If you are interested in participating on the School Health Council, please contact the Superintendent at the District's main office. 372-2201

Wellness in Schools news

A child's obesity weighs on parents - Tackling obesity the wrong way makes matters worse. "Now, experts are worrying about the collateral damage, too: A 2006 University of Minnesota study found that 57 percent of girls and 33 percent of boys used cigarettes, fasting, or skipping meals to control their weight and that diet-pill intake by teenage girls had nearly doubled in five years. Last year, nearly 5,000 teens opted for liposuction, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons—more than three times the number in 1998, when experts first warned of a "childhood obesity epidemic." U.S. News & World Report August 2007

Through the Child Nutrition Act the Federal Government has required that public schools develop a Wellness Policy. They also required that foods served by the school's Food Service comply with Federal Nutrition Guidelines. The Pennsylvania Department of Education will be reviewing all the wellness policies of Pennsylvania's public schools.


Standards proposed for school snacks - Nutrition Standards for Foods in Schools: Leading the Way Toward Healthier Youth Fact Sheet

Wellness Committee Meeting May 22, 2007 3:30pm - Reviewed current policy and practices. Progress being made.

SASD Wellness Policy

School Meals Initiative For Healthy Children

Guidelines for Nutritional Standards for Competitive Foods

Carb Count List

Parents can sneak veggies into kids’ diet

National School Lunch Resources Developed by Pennsylvania Department of Education

Vote for School Lunch’ is SNA’s 2006 National School Lunch Week celebration.

National School Lunch Program online - apply (apply for free or reduced price school meals)

2006-2007 School Year SASD Lunch Prices SASD Food Service web info

Does SASD prohibit class parties? NO.

Does SASD prohibit birthday cupcakes? NO.

Are you permitting children to have bottled water in school? Yes.


While creating the Wellness Policy the committee identified many strengths in the district and the community.
These include:

SASD provides a wide variety of opportunities for youth to be active through competitive sports programs provided by the school and the community.

The High School All Weather Track is available to the public. Contact the District Office for dates and times. 372-2201

Both the District and community, at large, have many facilities where children and adults can be physically active.

We have a strong Physical Education program. Elementary 2x per 6 day cycle. MS/HS - 3x per 6 day cycle.

Food Service provides both Breakfast and Lunch. Menus are available online.

Food Service provides alternatives at lunch.

Nutrition information regarding the foods served at breakfasts and lunches are available, from Food Service, upon request. Call 372--2208 Mr. Kevin Oswald is the Director of Food Service.

We have a Health curriculum for 6th - 12th grades.

We have a Physical Education curriculum for K - 12th grades.

We have established the position of Nurse Leader and have certified professional school nurses on staff.

We have a web site through which we can communicate healthy lifestyles information to the community. Go Services .. Health and Wellness.


Resources to learn more:

Childhood Obesity

Education News: Parents can use - Child Health and Nutrition - Dep. of Ed. broadcast (You can view this program via the Internet)

Nutrition Education in Public Elementary and Secondary Schools Highlights

Healthy Schools Healthy Youth from National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion

Healthy B.A.S.I.C.S. Brochures

National Association of State School Boards Health Policies

Nutrition Fact Sheets from the ADA

PANA Advocates for Nutrition and Activity

President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports

Healthy Living - PA Dept of Health

School Wellness Resource Guide

The Pennsylvania Nutrition Education Network - fitness and activity info from Health and Human Services