Biology 245

Tortora, Funke & Case

Biology 232

Dr Dennis Jackson

Course Presentations - Spring 2017

Two courses are offered for Spring 2017: Bio 245 (Microbiology) and Bio 232 (Biology Based Forensics).

Links "bang on the course textbook" for both can be found to the left.

Take a few minutes to examine the entire site and all the links to the course(s).

Please pay particular attention to the menus found these 'linked' pages. Here you will find refereneces to chapter summaries and assignments for both the lecture and lab. Course updates, due dates, Google Drive links and and test information may be posted here as well.

Print any you might require.

Of particular importance, for each course, is the ICP (In Class Participation) link. You will need to locate this for each lecture.

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Revised: January 2017