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One course is offered this Spring - Biology 245 - An Introduction to Microbiology. Links can be found to the left.

Take a few minutes to examine the entire site and all the links to the course (linked via "bang on the course textbook").

Please pay particular attention to the menus found on the linked second page.

Biology 245 chapter summaries, lecture assignments and lab assignments can be found in menus.

Print any you might require.

You will also find course updates, test information and due dates.

CDC confirms first case of MERS virus in American

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Why WOMEN'S GERMS are important to the health and happiness of us all. (Globe & Mail)

SUPER BUGS are created when a bacterium develops resistance to the antibiotic designed to kill it. When antibiotics are used inappropriately, they kill susceptible bacteria and create the perfect environment for resistant strains to grow, multiply, mutate and spread. Hospitals, where antibiotic use is high and invasive medical procedures are performed on patients with weakened defenses, provide an ideal breeding ground for these virulent, insidious bacteria to thrive. Alcohol-based hand sanitizers and hand washing can help prevent the spread between hospital workers, visitors and patients. But they can't stop a patient from being infected by an improperly cleaned table tray or blood-pressure cuff.

Biology 245

Tortora, Funke & Case - Course Textbook

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