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Many software manufacturers urge users in no uncertain terms to close all running programs (and this includes applications that run hidden in the background) prior to running their program's setup routine, and many users make it a habit to close all programs prior to running disk utilities such as ScanDisk and Disk Defragmenter.

For users running a number of third-party software applications the process of pressing CTRL+ALT+DEL and Ending Task on each individual program (10, 15, even in some cases 20 or more!) one by one can be a tedious process. EndItAll 2, a small freeware utility authored by Neil J. Rubenking (a Contributing Technical Editor for Ziff-Davis' PC Magazine) makes closing all running applications a quick and easy process.

EndItAll 2 lets you easily terminate in one shot all non-essential programs and processes for the purposes of:
  • installing new software
  • uninstalling software
  • running utilities such as ScanDisk and Disk Defragmenter
  • running demanding and/or finicky games
  • writing to CD-Rs that need a big buffer
The EndItAll 2 main window displays a list of running programs just as the CTRL+ALT+DEL "Close Programs" dialog does, as well as a few processes which don't even appear in Microsoft's C+A+D list. One can opt to handle various programs and tasks differently by either protecting them altogether or specifing whether or not they should be "killed" if they cannot be "closed" (exited in a conventional manner with a prompt to save any unsaved data). By default key processes such as KERNEL32 are designated as "protected" and will not be terminated. While some initial experimentation is highly recommended once the optimal settings are determined one can save them and have them implemented automatically.

EndItAll 2 can be used under Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows NT4 and Windows 2000.


Unfortunately the very useful formerly-freeware utility EndItAll2 which I have praised and recommended for years is no longer available free of charge to end users. While there are a number of copies still floating around the web for those who look hard enough due to the intervention of the Ziff-Davis, Inc legal team and their false accusations to my ISP that I personally have been providing their copywrited program, links to the program can no longer be found on this web site. Those prepared to pay for a subscription can find it available at winmag.com

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