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Tweak UI for Windows

What is Tweak UI?

Tweak UI is a user customization utility with which one can modify the appearance and behavior of many aspects of the Windows user interface (UI).

The original Tweak UI for Win95 is one of the "PowerToys" developed by the Windows 95 Development Team in their spare time. The version available here is 1.33 which can be used under Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows NT and Windows 2000.

Pretty much everything that Tweak UI does can be done manually by editing the Windows Registry, what Tweak does is to offer an easier and safer method of performing these common "Registry hacks".

Installing Tweak UI

Simply download and double-click on TWEAKUI.EXE, follow the prompts

Note: Those with the initial release of Windows 98 can find a slightly older version of Tweak UI than this included within the Windows 98 Resource Kit Sampler tools in the \tools\reskit\powertoy folder on their Win98 CD (Microsoft opted not to include Tweak with Win98 Second Edition). To install that version find the TWEAKUI.INF file, Right-Click on it and Click Install.

Using Tweak UI
After TWEAK UI is installed you will find a TWEAK UI icon in the Windows Control Panel (Start > Settings > Control Panel), all your "tweaking" is done via the tabs there.
Tweak UI
Tweak UI includes a Windows Help file (TWEAKUI.HLP) which
includes complete details on the options supported by Tweak UI. Users of previous versions of Tweak UI will find a number of new options.

Important Note: While supplied by Microsoft Tweak UI no technical support is offered. While perfectly safe if used properly when used to make changes that the user does not fully understand there is always at least the potential for problems. Use Tweak UI with caution and use it at your own risk.

Uninstalling Tweak UI

Click Start > Point to Settings > Click Control Panel
Double-Click Add/Remove Programs
Highlight/Select Tweak UI > Click the Add/Remove button
Follow the prompts

Tweak UI

Tweak UI version 1.33    TWEAKUI.EXE
The classic Microsoft PowerToy, updated with new features and optimized for systems with IE 4.x or greater. Supports countless user-customization tweaks normally performed via Registry hacks in an easy to use Windows format.

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